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    I'm a fan of video game music. I do android development in my spare time (used to be a job). Right now I do sales at a coffee shop/gourmet store/tavern.

    Hit me up on facebook if you want:
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    Steven Finch
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  1. 1. Ragna the Bloodedge 2. Arthur 3. Travis Touchdown
  2. I saw this contest and my inner fan-boy when "sqeeeeee". I MUST WIN!
  3. I've played FF Mystic Quest, I thought the game lacked in just about everything. However, I really enjoyed the music and this Remix has been at the top of my playlist since I first listened to it.
  4. Yeah, I found a copy of this song on the Stepmania site and the way they set it up, it's impossible to dance to. Though it was a good try. You can find the dance file here: http://www.stepmania.com/download.php?file=downloads/Songs_TalesOfGenji_Kirby.smzip
  5. This is one of those like it or hate it type songs. I find myself some place in the middle. I enjoy the original but the remix gives it a new spin. It is hard to choose which one I enjoy better.
  6. I really enjoyed this song. I have always been a fan of Waltz for the Moon but, the remix is much nicer.
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