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  1. Just wanted to throw out a cool Glyph I found -- everyone should try very hard to get the Werebat drop. I don't want to spoil it, but it's a very good option against the next few bosses after you get it, and allows easy transition between physical and magical combat (which is growing more important by the room, it seems).

    That is indeed an awesome glyph. I use it along with ->Luminatio<- to great effect.

  2. This game is awesome.

    Here's a quick lowdown, spoilertexted (just game mechanics; I didn't put any story in there):


    The Glyph system replaces souls and weapons.

    Every time you attack, typically with a melee weapon glyph, but there are spell and ranged glyphs too, it drains some mana. Stop attacking and your mana will regen FAST. You have one glyph equipped to Y and one to X (and one of a different type mapped to R), and the cooldowns are not linked (so you attack faster doing Y X Y X then Y Y Y Y even if the same weapon is in both slots). Also, Shanoa has a very nice backdash. Definitely better than Soma's!

    Hearts are stored numerically (think old castlevanias) and your up+Y (or up+X) attacks use them for criticals, but are much more elaborate than criticals in past games (say you're using a spear. The critical is a GIANT spear that hits 2 or 3 times for massive damage).

    The crab boss - the one that goes "SHOOOAAAH!" -- NOT the first boss (which kind of looks like a crab) is *very* annoying. You get a nice surprise when you do the killing blow though.

    You rescue villagers throughout the game, and the villagers give you quests - for example, bring the blacksmith some iron ore and plate armor gets added to the shop.

    Also. The game is in STAGES, not one big castle.

    Very cool game overall.


  3. I get bitter about Smash Brothers because it gets all kinds of attention, but a clearly superior product (Guilty Gear) gets no attention. It's like if everyone around you never wanted to play chess and only checkers.

    Guilty Gear is awesome. I've got Accent Core and I main Baiken, and also play Order Sol, Axl, and Robo-Ky. I also play Smash, but I'm more ticked at people playing Capcom's fighters instead of GG rather than people playing Smash instead of GG. That fits your checkers analogy better, as playing Smash instead of GG is more like playing cards instead of Chess.

    Looking forward to Mother 3 in English. Having taken 3 semesters of Japanese, I don't know enough to play through it without consulting a dictionary every couple sentences, and for an RPG, story is very important. I can't just skip most of the dialog in Japanese like I did with the imported Rockman ZX. I really liked Earthbound and having its sequel readily available is a huge boon. Can't wait to spend some time playing through this.

  4. I'm 2 bosses in (on Hard) and have mostly stopped playing.

    It's really not all that fun, and since I'm used to the gravity in Mega Man 9 now, it's throwing off my IWBTG skills.

    Only watch youtube vids if you really want to be spoiled. There are some really funny things in this game. However, the one you linked is safe and spoiler free except fhe first 3 screens.

  5. http://kotaku.com/5057870/nintendo-announce-new-ds-the-nintendo-dsi

    SD slot, camera, MP3 player, no GBA slot.


    Launches November 1st according to the pic.

    I'm not getting one. Even if I hadn't just preordered a Pandora, I wouldn't replace my Lite with a DSi.

    GBA games are *still* being developed! I wouldn't call this an upgrade over a lite; it's more of a sidegrade.

    Edit: Also, what about things like the Opera browser, or the Guitar Hero DS game, which need something inserted into the GBA slot? Or pokemon imports? Or that rumble pak? There are plenty of DS games that use the GBA slot.

  6. Considering I have a PC/PS2/Wii and DS that does already what I want them to do, yeah I wouldn't mind it. Perhaps I'm just jaded by Pandora, but unless it can do what I've mentioned earlier as well as perhaps other things, such as burn dvds on the fly/vid record as well. I'm not impressed. But for those that don't have much in hardware/gadgetry/are tinkerers, knock yourself out. :)!!

    I love any great multitasker as much as the next person, but its bad enough there are times I'm buying the same game over again, I don't really feel like buying the same hardware capability again until my original stuff had died... (namely most of the SNES titles/Sega I have :sad:)

    I'm not saying YOU need it, I'm just saying there is a market, however small, for which it is quite practical.

    If your goal is video recording and dvd burning, you'd be better off with a desktop or laptop computer. That functionality doesn't require much portability and once you get to a certain size (Macbook air) you stop seeing DVD drives altogether. If you want a DVR that burns DVDs, ... I'm not an expert, but I believe a MythTV box will serve you a hell of a lot better than any of the other options out there in this regard.

  7. overpriced
    If Asus, Apple, or other large companies in the UMPC business made this device, it would cost roughly twice as much. They won't, though, because it's not what *their* customers want.

    Expensive? Hell yes. Overpriced? Not at all. You just have to be in the market for a device like this, and the market is very small.


    I am in the market for this device BECAUSE:

    -I don't have an iPod or other portable media player. Pandora will serve as one.

    -My laptop is outdated and I use Linux on it anyway. Pandora replaces it.

    -I never owned a game boy or game boy color. Ability to run those now-dirt-cheap games, as well as all my retro classics without busting out my consoles is an opportunity that Pandora allows me to do on-the-go. One device for all my emulators.

    -My cell phone is just a phone. All those features cell phone manufacturers advertise? Pandora does pretty much everything, except be a phone.

    -I am a developer. I write programs, and the idea of targeting linux on a mobile platform is interesting. Pandora is an open platform for which there are no barriers (such as licensing) to overcome to develop for the device, and linux as a target is extremely well-documented and has excellent dev environments.

  8. It's more for linux games, general purpose usage, and emulators than commercial games written for it specifically - only a few companies port their games to handhelds like this (look at the GP2X for an example). It's not competing with Nintendo and Sony.

    Even so, it's got some *really* nice features, and incredible specs for a handheld/UMPC - the most powerful device of its size at this time. Specs wise, it outperforms the DS, PSP, iPhone, Gamecube, and all similarly sized UMPCs. It's slightly smaller than a DS fat, larger than a DS lite.

    And since it runs linux, has usb/wifi/bluetooth, plenty of storage via 2x SDHC slots, and all kinds of other goodies, it will replace my aging laptop as well. I'll probably end up carrying a small laptop mouse and keyboard (like the new apple keyboards) as typing on that and using the touch screen would be a bit inconvenient. The fact that a handheld can run a desktop OS (there are already vids of it running Ubuntu) speaks volumes for the amount technology has advanced in such a short time.

  9. I approve of this project. Skies was a legendary game with an incredible score.

    I hope the airship battle song ("Bombardment") gets an excellent mix, that's one of my fav tracks from Skies.

    Also, why do you use HaCkEr CaPs when you spell, say, "ReMiXeRs" I thought It was just ReMixers, or even just remixers.

  10. Preordered mine this morning.

    I've had my eye on Pandora for a while. As I'm a developer, I may port something to it (got my eyes on something already, but need to scope it out to see what's feasible) once I get my hands on it.

    Worthy of noting is that they're not OUT, they are just taking preorders on the first batch - just 3000 units worldwide, first come first serve, and after that the next batch will be made in 2009. The current batch will be delivered .. november, I think?

    Can't wait to start playing with this device. Atmuh will tell you how much of a Linux guru I can be at times, and this handheld is right up my alley.

    What do you plan on doing with pandora? Anything big besides the expected emulation?

    Edit: Here are some links:

    Official Website

    Wikipedia page

    Preorder here


  11. It is my assumption that those who download "games they wouldn't have bought" are using it like a rental service, to dispel (or confirm) the hype and reviews they've seen about a game before deciding whether to purchase it.

  12. I am ROUGH on my gaming consoles, it would seem, or I just have terrible luck with hardware.

    Had an Atari 2600. It broke, tossed it, tossed the games too.

    Had an NES. It kind of broke (the cartridge port wore out), tossed it, gave away the games. I had a zapper, too.

    Have an SNES. Can't find the AC adapter for it, it's gotta be somewhere in storage. Still have all my cartridges.

    Have a Genesis, original model. Its video out is so busted you'll spend more time jiggling around the video plug than playing the game, and the slightest bump freezes the game. Fun. Still have all my cartridges.

    Had a Sega CD. It broke (a few months after I bought it. It totally scratched up any CDs I played in it as well), tossed it. Tossed the games, too. I only had Sonic CD and Sewer Shark anyway.

    Have an N64. IT WORKS PERFRECTLY. Got the RAM upgrade too! Only two working controllers, though (First party. The third party ones broke). Got rumble paks and the memory cards that go in the controllers too. I can only find about half the games I bought for it though. Glad to have Starfox 64, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Ocarina of Time, F-Zero X, and a few others, but I can't find my damn copy of Diddy Kong Racing!

    Have a gamecube. It's tricked out. Modchipped with Qoob Pro, case modded to fit full size discs, got the broadband adapter, 3 wavebirds, and 2 wired controllers. Tons of games. TONS.

    Have a wii. Modchipped with yaosm, and the modchip is externally mounted using an RS-232 port's mounting bracket, so it can be unplugged if needed. Lots of stuff (2 classics, 4 wiimotes, 3 nunchuks, lan adapter, component cable) and a dozen or so games for it.

    Have a DS lite. Modded with M3 Lite. I was way late to the portable gaming party.

    I'm preordering Pandora when it's available for preorder Tuesday


  13. I try to be pleasant online. I've seen the phenomenon of internet = anonymity = troll plenty, though.

    My attitude's a bit different on the net than in real life, but it's mainly because I'm speaking to a different audience.

    You say different things when you're on a website about video game music than you would to friends with other interests. As most of the internet is organized into groups and communities with people with a lot in common, or at least the same interests and hobbies, people can be a lot more open and deep about that interest, where in real life, communities in the same location are often much more diverse, somewhat ironically. This is from my experience, and I'm in college, so it may not be typical. It's the type of community and people you KNOW are on the other side of the connection that shape your words and attitudes; not just what you say but how you say it. I believe this is the reason so many gamers trash talk on Xbox Live, for example.

  14. Oh man. I demolished Galaxy Man and Splash Woman, and now I've been dying repeatedly on every other stage (not even getting to the bosses to figure out who's weak to what I've got).

    But oh man is it so much fun.

    Those two were my first conquests as well.

    As far as weaknesses go for your weapons,

    = Spoiler? =

    Jewel Man is VERY weak to Galaxy Man's weapon. That weapon also really helps against Hornet Man (though he's not weak to it), just switch to buster after sucking up the bees.

    Concrete Man is weak to Splash Woman's weapon.

    = End Spoiler =

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