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  1. After hearing this remix, I just felt a whole rush of memories come back to me. This song is nicely mixed, and I would like to give my props to those responsible making this. The memory of seeing one of the ninja turtles getting squished on the main map in the game is brought back as I listen to this. Has that "old-school" sound to it. Lovin' it.
  2. This song is well arranged and another one of my favorite "Zeal Theme" remixes. Though not at the top, it's still up there. Calm and dream-like, and the "ahhs" also give that heavenly like feel to it. Really nice. Another recommended song.
  3. I'm not too good with technicalities in terms of how to rate a song (but I'm learning). I love this song none-the-less. It brought back fond memories. The beat is steady, catchy, and the melody of the song is absolutely dream-like. The synth in my opinion was well arranged, as well as the violin. Best remix of all the "Zeal" ones out there. Keep it coming!
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