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  1. I remember playing a Kirby game a while back on my old Gameboy color but I can't remember which Kirby. All I know, was that it was the boss music against DeeDeeDee I liked. Another song I liked was the one for the (third or fourth or so? One of them) battle against the Elite peoples at Indigo Plateau in Pokemon Blue Hmm...I like those...
  2. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm? Heh...just kidding. This song was awsome. One of the best ReMixes of this song. Period. Love the do do do do do at the end ^^ It all comes together nicely, and sounds completely awsome. 9/10
  3. I seriously thought that "It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It?" was unRemixable in the fact that it had a funky....twangy...disposition for lack of a better word. Obviously I've been proven wrong because of this composition. It stays true to the tune and changes the feeling. I'm not one to trifle with instruments since I only learnt a few instrument names from my music class but the Guitar and Piano both come together nicely. And even though the violin[is it] background is oh so cliche for ReMixes, Dev made it work. Dev, you are a true artist. Keep up the good work. The only possible problem I can think of is the very starting where there is no sound. And since this song only has 1 really minor problem, I give it a: 9/10
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