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  1. Darklion said: Perhaps next time, in your infinite critical wisdom, you can give reasons for your dislike. Like this: "Hey, I didn't like your song because X was Y and should have been Z." So if I were to critique your critique, for example, it would be something like this: "Hey, I didn't like your critique of the song because it exemplified your lack of compassion, disregard for creativity, complete lack of argument, poor spelling (it's "c'mon") and random use of capitalization. PLZ no more of this crap." Hopefully this was educational for all involved. Oh, and for the record, Obsession (Eyes on Me) is a creepy, wonderful song that fondly reminds me of Sting's Every Breath You Take.
  2. We always see link running around by himself, or with a fairy...but what are wars like in Hyrule, the kind of war where 3,000 angry, wronged, and vengeful elf-things go out onto a field and spill the blood of their enemies? While we probably won't be seeing that coming out of Nintendo any time soon, we can sit back and listen to this masterpiece and imagine. And hey, maybe someone at Nintendo may be inclined to make such a game on the Gamecube2? It could happen.
  3. The trials and tribulations of Samus Aran never really cease to amaze me. She crawls through the bowels of these planets, alone, never knowing what's coming around the next corner, in environments that would kill her quickly without her suit (and manages to do so slowly with it). It's like crawling in a tight cave that you may or may not be able to escape from. It's this sense of isolation and desolation that is especially present in the watery portion of Super Metroid. This mix draws on this, and draws well: this isn't a pretty place. This isn't an uplifting place. This is a remix that has taken its source material and refined it into what it should very well have been in the first place. The ominousness of the first leg of the song is eventually reward by the second part, as we find that there actually was something around the corner. What are you waiting for? Go download.