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  1. as for Requiem for a Green Revolution.. did anyone else pick up on the 4:20 track length?? significant/intentional??? 'spose only scott knows! great mix, very ominous sounding and a great one to chill out to. I love the downbeat d'n'b stuff. keep 'em coming peeples!!
  2. I like this one - brings back memories of running around in those forests. secret of mana was dope. Guitars sound great and overall its very good, but what's with the odd garbled noise that comes in with the drums? I didn't understand the reason for using this and it makes the song sound somewhat muddled. Overall, though, a good mix.
  3. What are you talking about? No song can only be remixed in 'a certain way.' This is a must-download in my book, as I am big into acid-jazz/trip-hop type stuff. This is smooth. The drumbeat, floaty, ambient- sounding keys, and aforementioned sitar all work excellent together, and in my opinion it is the perfect length. Great job guys.
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