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  1. Oh yeah. Modplug. I used that player when I had win95 installed , never tried the tracker. I'll try it out. Chibitracker was beautiful, but I've never come to terms with Impulse-tracker. I'm more of a fast-tracker person. I so fell in love with renoise's channel-bundling or... you know that thing. It's an awesome program, but sk@le-tracker was getting there. *sigh*- maybe renoise worth buying after all.
  2. Wow! Excellent! I'm gonna try this out now. Thanks a lot for that tip!!! I love tracking interfaces. I have tried it out now. Works great. Quite hard to make good drum-samples though. And while we're on the topic, perhaps one of u know of any good trackers. I hoped for sk@le-tracker, but it seems down. I also liked renoise, except that it costs money.
  3. Thank u all for the kind words. I made this track simply because Awesome (together with the "Shadow of the beast"-series were all games I deliberately died in just to hear the game over tunes. The original Awesome game had a certain eire-ness to it that I couldn't quite capture. And all in all I might have wanted this remix to be less reverbed and pretentious. But still, I'm quite happy with it, and is thrilled to see other people enjoying it. /Erik
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