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    Lufia: Of Gods and Men

    I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!
  2. I was really looking forward to helping with this, but I'm going to have to back out. I'll check back in when I can actually be productive, but that just isn't the case right now.

    OCR03489 - Super Mario RPG "Just One Wish"

    gorgeous certainly is an appropriate work for this! I love it! After a few more listens to this I think I'll dig out some Ben Folds...
  4. Alright! Looks good! What songs should I do?
  5. I'd love to help! I do not have access to the form.
  6. HOLY CRAP This song is a must listen! Some of the vocals remind me of Brandon Boyd
  7. This evokes a lot of interesting feelings... I will invoke assistance from this song in the future.
  8. A little crazy on the panning, but whatever, this is awesome!
  9. I'm getting Super Meat Boy vibes from this one.

    OCR03440 - Animal Crossing "Soothing Rain"

    This is nice! I'll be coming back to this one. It's probably just me, but there's a kick or tom or something that plays along with the hi-hat every sixth beat that's messing with my ears. It's not very loud, but it has the same effect on me that clipping does. :/ Dunno if it's my headphones or what...

    OCR01549 - Chrono Trigger "Theme of Frog's"

    I'm not a fan of Frog's Theme, but I actually like the tune the way it's handled here. Definitely worth a listen!

    Lufia: Of Gods and Men

    Looks like we passed another deadline here... How are things looking?

    OCR01517 - Super Mario Bros. "Moisturor"

    I'm not sure what I expected based on the source material, but it certainly not this. My familiarity with the source was working against me on this one, but the remix is done so well that eventually I snapped out of it and actually listened to what I was hearing. Waaaay deeper than I though this was going to be! Excellent!
  14. This is a blast to listen to! The mid-range is great on my ears for some reason... sorry, I don't know a better way to express what I'm hearing... Definitely coming back to this!