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  1. I find it's easier to keep a strict policy of belief. Unless Nintendo says it, or many major gaming news companies say it's confirmed, I'm inclined not to believe it. I've been wrong before, but... Seeing as how our good friend Masahiro Sakurai posted on his own blog that there wouldn't be a new character and such, I'm once again inclined to not believe it. On another note, I doubt Sonic or Mega Man are going to be playable. Highly doubt it. For the record, I also do think that Zero Suit Samus is rather kickass--screw all that think otherwise.
  2. Bleah. I'm only in Calculus I. (For the second time. I hate the public high school system. I mean, I got a damn A the first time...) All you advanced college peoples make me sad (that I'm not in Calc II and such).
  3. Just wanted to emphasize on both accounts.
  4. How... would it not be "like American xtra large"? DJ Pretzel does live in the god-blessed US of A, contrary to popular misconception.
  5. Medium, as reflected on the poll. I just thought I'd tell you though, a sweatshirt would be much more appealing to than a shirt. But I'd get a shirt anyway, I suppose. Just to repeat and accentuate what others said before me on the sweatshirt party. Overweight - Over the optimal weight range suggested to keep your body in optimal health. BUT - Obese - Overweight to the extent that it interferes with your body's normal functions and causes degradation in health; causes(is a) health risk(s). Edit: ... And that's good? It's a health risk. 40% is too much. Any percent is too much. (Trust
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