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  1. I think my review could be summed up in one word: blah.
  2. Hmmm... I do like this mix being a HUGE Final Fight fan. This song does have nice "shake your booty" drum beats, but as Vigilante stated before, you kind of lose interest within a couple minutes of listening to the song. If this song was less repetitive it would've been better. It is a good effort though and I can't blame him for trying something unique such as this (compared to another Final Fantasy mix). Kudos for appreciating music from this game! I hope to see more mixes of this game in the future.
  3. OK. Put the melody through some generic sounding synth and put a simple drum loop behind it and repeat a couple of times. This is uninspired at best. I really think this song could've been represented better. The tone of this song never changes and the bassdrum is the only thing keeping this song moving. If I would've heard this version of the song first, I wouldn't of chosen to cover it in my own band and I might've liked this mix better too. But since I heard Memblers and Dildox's first, this just doesn't cut it. I guess I was just spoiled by hearing Membler's version and it lowered my opinion of this mix. This song was just a time filler for my CDs and I'm suprised it made it here on OCR.
  4. I heard this remix back before it was done on the message boards of VGMIX.com and I'm glad to hear it's finished. It is in way better quality than it was before though. I like this guy's work. As a fellow pianist and a huge fan of video game music, I kind of look up to this guy in a way. This remix is a great representation on the Library tune from SotN. Yes, it could've been longer but still, it's a great piece.
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