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  1. Very very nice Remix! Gives away a truely good egffect of the whole Doom idea and all. The sounds and the effects are done just very good. One of my fav's!
  2. Only this.. It beats the Super Smash Bros Melee Remix of the track.. nuff sad
  3. The track is spit inhalf. one of the normal tune, one of the bad weather one. To be honest, i normally click this MP3 off wen it starts the 2nd tune. I love the Pirates tune, it's catchy and better then most other games it never bores me atall. I don't like the 2nd part ecause.. i don't really know, i guess i miss the first tune
  4. A short traxx but not bad. It's a funny idea, and the tune and piano really do capture the right mood of the song. Although the music itself takes a bit to long to develope in my oppinion (should have lasted long to a climax ^^) it's a okay one. Funny at first, listen to it a few times, then only to your friends since the resal joke is off soon.
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