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  1. Lower the octive on that piano one or two times... no one plays piano at C10 +... sounds like nothing... Overall great soundtrack music, transisting to electronica shouldn't be hard.
  2. er... now I'm hearing Super Mario Bros 3 in there... I love the chip sounds you added! overall, nice!
  3. That piano is wayyyyy too loud. fix that and you have a great sounding track! Keep working I vote
  4. I'm looking for a distorted synth soundfont/vst/effect/technique, like the one Darude uses in Sandstorm as the lead synth...
  5. Yes master volumn needs to come up a bit... Oh boy... where to start... First off, kudos for a very beautiful remix, with all the real sounding instruments! What was all this talk about repeatitivity? SoS is a whole 23 notes, Mute used 100s. The sound may have SOUNDED repeatitive, but technically was most definently not... It is manipulative, though... For a while I kept looking out the window... Lets just say that's some real sounding rain! Damn, where have the minutes gone? for a song EXACTLY 5 minutes long, I enjoyed it a lot! .... but they are right about needing VARIATIONS of the original... a little SoS, a little original... try some variation, it does a body good!
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