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  1. Alright, I got the skeleton of the song done... Now I can work on muscle and fleshing out...
  2. Ok, I know exactly what your reaction's going to be: "What? Another Tetris A remix? Aw, come on man... There's too many of them..." There is. Tetris A, for the Game Boy version of Tetris: The Russion tune "Korobeiniki"... My remix is Tetris A from the NES version, you know, the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" song from the Nutcracker... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok, well, it's not complete yet, but I was wondering if you guys could tell me if I'm on the right track... http://www.e-concerto.net/tetris.mp3
  3. I guess it's a little late to mention this, but I believe this the quality in this arrangement's not going to win the judges... First off, everything sounds too centered... Also, the synths are too thin and it could use some EQing work. I could be wrong, I have been in the past
  4. ouch... Well, I'm glad you were interested in it
  5. Old original, new sound http://www.e-concerto.net/music098273/nofaith.mp3 Whatcha think?
  6. Link updated. Hopefully it sounds more industrial....
  7. Well, I threw this together yesterday to see what else I could do to break away somewhat from my dance/trance music. Here's what I came up with: The song is from a small Mac OS game called "Monkey Shines" and anyone who's ever owned a Macintosh with the first MacCube series knows this game. The only playable level in this game was called Spooked, and I've always wanted to do a remix to it. Original: http://www.e-concerto.net/music098273/spooked.mp3 What I did was this kinda industrial/electro thing. Remix (Ghost's Party): http://www.e-concerto.net/music098273/ghost.mp3 So, any comments and critiques welcome!
  8. Jan? As in January? Cool! I'm a lot more relaxed now and I can put more care into my mix (when I get my laptop back, that is...)
  9. sorry I'm taking so long... I want to do as much as possible for my first wip before I post it...
  10. Well, now that I have my WIP done for SM64 Project, I can get my song done for this project. Hmm.... Where to begin...
  11. I wish they would increase the dynamic range a bit... Also, a plug-in compressor for some of these CPU intense plug-ins would be nice.
  12. As mentioned before, this is a very long tracklist, about 104+ songs. I've completely changed the way I want to do this project from what I had previously. I had requirements before and no longer do. I've ditched my strict judging format and judge based on potential (like if the remixer knows what the difference between a remix and an arrangement is, etc.). I've also ditched my style limits because I see potential in a lot of non-electronica remixers, not to mention that it's part of OCR's mission to have variety. I now welcome remixers of all styles and levels of quality to take advantage of this opportunity to hone their skills and advance through personal guidance.
  13. YAY! Made deadline! Now I gotta finish my song for Xenogears...
  14. Here are some custom made EQ settings I made. Maybe you'll find use with them, maybe you won't... Note these EQs work best with live instruments, but can be used as indicated. Acoustic Instruments (Piano, guitar, harp) http://www.e-concerto.net/flstudiostuff/Accoustic.fst Bass synths and guitars: http://www.e-concerto.net/flstudiostuff/Bass.fst Hat's, crashes, and other high end instruments http://www.e-concerto.net/flstudiostuff/Hat.fst Kicks, toms, and other low end percussion instruments http://www.e-concerto.net/flstudiostuff/Kick.fst Mid instruments, like synths, electric guitars, etc. http://www.e-concerto.net/flstudiostuff/Mid.fst Snares, claps, and other band end percussion instruments http://www.e-concerto.net/flstudiostuff/Snare.fst Vocals http://www.e-concerto.net/flstudiostuff/Vocal.fst (Make sure you use a compressor to eliminate sibalince.)
  15. Link updated. Changed some instruments around, used a fake electric guitar as the main melody synth, and made the moon themes more distinguishable. Went ahead and mastered it, and I look forward to more opinions!
  16. ....... This was disturbing on so many levels... You're submitting this to OLR, right?
  17. Avaris just invited me, so yeah, what do I do?
  18. I've decided to bring up the old rejected remix I made of the Skies of Arcadia - Overworld (Delphinus) and give it a good makeover, to send back to OCR. http://www.e-concerto.net/music098273/delphinus.mp3 Tell me what else it needs... The source: http://www.e-concerto.net/music098273/delphinusoriginal.mp3 listen all the way through if you want to get the last sections of the remix. Which is where the "Journey" part comes in. The last sections of the remix is the full journey to the different lands of Arcadia. All 6 moons (I added the silver moon to the end in this version) are potrayed; green, red, purple, blue, yellow, and silver all in that order.
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