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  1. Here's a remix I worked on last week. I love it because it is from one of my favorite games of all time. I have a version where I mastered the mix but this is good enough. Hope you guys like it!! I'm a bass lover, so ya..... This was made in FL Studio 10. http://youtu.be/v8pGjUcia3I I have a bunch of game mixes in this style I've been working on so there will be more soon! I already have a super mariop bros 3 one as well and an Illusion of Gaia track that I'm going to upload soon as well.
  2. no lol its a Lex Lugar beat lol I was feeling it and had to say something. I know I can do better tho. Lex Lugar is pretty good!!!
  3. I just added it to a video on youtube so check this out too if you want at least some kind of visual
  4. This is a freestyle I did earlier this morning about Street Fighter and Fei Long. I did it all in one take for all the parts even the adlibs. Its a club song and at the end i was gonna add the sound of me playing SF4 with Fei Long so you can hear him tear it up lol I have a sendspace link for it http://www.sendspace.com/file/ae0v8d
  5. Software: FL Studio 6 Ableton Live 4 For E-MU SONY Soundforge 8 VSTi: E-MU Proteus X MHC Fatsondo KORG Legacy Collection Digital LUXONIX Purity Novation V-Station Hardware: PC E-MU-0404 Digital Audio System Soundcard E-MU X-Board 49 MIDI Controller Creative I-Trigue 3300 2.1 Speakers
  6. I 3rd that. I have an EMU 0404 as well and it has done wonders with clarity. U do however have to buy lots of new cables since its 1/4' plugs
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