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  1. Perhaps gold is used to signify a signifigant gain in power in Japan?
  2. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say nagger or naggers in my life. This might make an interesting survey.
  3. That episode ROCKED. I was hoping they would go into the whole thing about black people using "nigga" but still enjoyable.
  4. OMFG! I thought I was the only person who played that game! And it is a bit repetitive but blowing shit up is FUN.
  5. RKA is one of my favorite games. I have to beat it one of these days.
  6. Fixed. Most people think Spider-Man 2 was better because the movie took what the first did right, and did it better. Same with the game. It took elements from the first game and improved upon it.
  7. Star Wars Rogue Leader was a HUGE improvement over Rogue Squadron. Also MegaMan 2 had much easier difficulty, and started the formula that worked the best and has been done ever since.
  8. I was laughing throughout Cartman's presentation because I have seen Conspiracy Theorists use the same crap to try and prove their point.
  9. Another classic South Park.
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