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  1. [Edit]Shit, Guess it was a little late coming...Still stand by my statement though. Well, I think it's kind of funny how many hop onto this track's dick. Yea, it's alright, but there are allot of things wrong with it. Nothing too big, but I figure, since not many people are giving constructive critisim, I guess I'll have to. In the first verse, "motha fucka, ya sucka" rhymes, but the 'ya sucka' could be ommitable, because it threw off the rythym allot, which isn't a big deal, but you might want to watch that. Myth...wow. I'm sorry, but you need ALLOT of work, that was one of the most annoying verses I've heard in my entire life, like seriously, get your damn voice under some damn control. I'm not trying to diss, but dude, when some one has a voice like yours, try not to have it so god damn whiny, I'm not too huge on voices, but the way you sounded on the track I just wanted to strangle you with your mic cord. Also, work on your flow, it's too non-sensical, and only contributes to the irritatingness of your lyrical presence. Uh, 3rd guy Yours was pretty good, But towards the end it sounded like you were running out of breath, or maybe you were whispering, Either way, you might want to work on breathing between lines, so that way you don't sound like you're choking the last part out. 4th guy Pretty good, but you used 'Modern Day' twice, that's not too big of a deal, just try to avoid shit like that. The beat was fuckin awesome though.
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