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  1. I am trying to write more adult lyrics, that mean something real to me. This song has me trying to sing, some of the notes sung are too low for me but I tried. This is a ballad style track, uses some 80s synths too : ) Eventide: City lights the night sky line, moonlight drifts, rivers twist Starry sky, worlds unknown underneath were rivers flow But lately I just don't know why, I sigh Against the star lit sky. Fallen dreams, full embraced Miss her smile, her touch, her face Eventide by her side her Soft song voiced calms my tide And lately I just realized why, I sigh She was those stars in th
  2. Do not think that link works try this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mykmzuajya2/Palace of a 1000 Lizards LEVEL1 Boss.mp3
  3. Hi everyone hope all is good for everyone,been bit ill with a strange cough. This is some work that I have recently done. This is the lyrics and the link to a 2 min track. I would approach this music with much caution. Story: The Lizard King & his Queen have taken over the lands on one of the shores of antiquities way; the lands are not safe anymore the woman (Carina), that Myth loves, has fallen to the lies of a god that does not even exist because the people are really worshipping the Lizard King. The foul words of the Lizard King are so potent because his tongue is filled with vile pois
  4. Cool digging these new layouts at Ocremix Hi everyone, Hi brothers,long time no post, long time not been around. I hope you all are okay keeping all your selfs well. Of late everything I do,seems broken into millions of pieces into a million of nothings. This 80s-90s slow rock ballad was composed in november It is called" Tears in the rain". I never really have done much vocal music let alone singing before and I am not a singer of any kind so the vocals are not that well done at all. One has to bear it I guess but I hope the lyrics get across. I was influenced in one scene, with some of the
  5. Good old SFII,cool Tensei-San this is rocking that's all I have to say bout that. Intro is great,guitars sound really powerful.Someone may have touched up on this before,near the end I hear a really fast synth or lead instrument. It would be great if in the mix this could be heard maybe turn down slightly a few DB on the rhythm guitars if anything just keep the energy that is already there. The mix may have some kind of static clipping, so you may want to adjust the overall volume in some places. This is all rocking stuff keep going.
  6. just64helpin I am glad you are able to listen to the music in that there are no gaps present. And thanks to everyone who has shown interest and got something small maybe from the story of hyrule. Respect must go to Ramaniscence as this would have all been missed or passed if it was not for him.
  7. Cool SwordBreaker, there was some ideas I really was interested in, like. "There he stood alone on the balcony of Hyrule Castle,reflecting on his past memories, his past life. He had never seen his parents. He fought many battles. The green-clad warrior had nobody to turn to when he was hurt physically or emotionally. It was a miracle that he was still alive…still sane…he suddenly remembered someone important who aided him through everything". This is great and if any feature animation or film was ever made, I would like to think that Link has never seen his parents. And grows into the hero f
  8. Thanks Sword breaker The singing voice was done by Amy, I asked her would she sing this melody with these words, that I wrote and she said yes. It was challenging, as there are some phrases, that are not in common time though she got through it. I am not sure what you mean by chorus, though as an answer everything else regarding vocals was sample base. I guess the rest of the project is so, so. The written story I understand, is not that readable, I have never done anything like that before but I like some of the ideas that came to be, because of the music, most of the ideas came about becaus
  9. Thanks Geoffrey Taucer, the Reverb on the Violin, I will turn down the reverb. At around 0.31 I used a muted trumpet on one melody and an open trombone on another melody, when the Trumpet goes to a high register it sounds weak. Overall this is a weak remix of the ship theme, if I was to go back to the original verse and chorus theme and expand on that my version of the verse and chorus of the theme is at 0.52 - 1.20s. Then somehow make my way to the ending then possibly it could create some sense of a structure being present. Thanks for your criticism, comments.
  10. WIP Klomps Romp, Hi to all this is Klomps Romp any advice in the mixing would be greatly appreciated. what instrument levels should be changed and at what times? what about the bass is the level okay,? should there be more low end or less, or high end? Guitar rhythm and leads the levels? is the distortion okay? and anything else regarding the mix. Thanks for your time. It is Titled Klomps romp revised here is the file: http://www.mediafire.com/?owtyzytyibn
  11. I think everyone is going stone me out of the village. This an revised version, I am not sure if this is any better,I changed the compressors on the Acoustic guitars and took out a a little of the mids on the overall track,does that work?. And For the lead Acoustic sections I accidentally added a mild distortion ,it sounded cool, though does that work here?. Are the levels right? i feel like im in a rush for no reason,this is not to be even used, man is that madness,that was a band. It is Titled: Klomps romp revised here is the file: http://www.mediafire.com/?owtyzytyibn If anyone has any ide
  12. Hello Willrock 07, Regard mixing- I would turn down some of the low end Frequencies 20-200 Hz on some of the low pitched sounds, or another solution is the reverb you use, use a smaller room reverb or use less and if the reverb has a bass cut or something of a similar nature, use some bass cut, maybe all that is needed is the reverb to sit well in the mix. Try to make sure every instrument defined,which is easy to say but hard to do. An example If you are layering 2 or more sounds together, for example 2 or 3 basses ask the question do you need 2 or 3 basses layered and if you do, ask the que
  13. Hi this a near finshed Klomps "Bluegrass" romp. I was wondering is there anyone willing to master this. Also do you think any of the levels of any instruments should be changed, what instruments and at what time in the track so I know where to change the levels. This track is at minus -3 DB , I have left room for it to be mastered by someone. the MP3 Was compressed to 192Kb. it is 3.21Mb The structure for this remix is : Klomp verse - 0.00 - 0.16s break 1 - 0.16s - 0.52s Klomp verse - 0.52s - 1.02s Klomp Chorus - 1.02s - 1.20s break 2 - 1.20s - 1.59s Klomp verse -1.59s - 2.09s ending- 2.
  14. Hello, I cannot stop, for I have done a fair amount already even a finished structure. It is short 2.20s but at double time of 130Bpm. I have to continue I am sorry. If it okay as a remix cool if not it is still cool. That is how things have turned, the funny thing is, this piece is something I would not do. Though it has turned into something I now do.
  15. Hi I have been working on Klomps Romp,I will post,hope soon. I know now Tensei has it but I will still post it, if you like it cool if not cool.
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