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  1. Haha yeah man, I dunno. I got super lucky back in the day when legendary engrams didn't necessarily give you purples; a good chunk of my blues gave me purples instead. Bad thing was, they were for hunters. I didn't bother sharding them, so now I have a full set. She even has an exotic chestpiece waiting for her because of the exotic engram I bought. At the moment, PvE seems to have come to a standstill for me, mostly for lack of raiding partners, so I've just been rocking PvP and trying to level up all these stupid exotic weapons. Having one equipped at a time is the slowest grind ever. But yeah, if others around here have the 360 version here (and I'm not sure who would) lessdoit. :3
  2. Yoooo. It's been like, years since I last posted, but I've kept downloading stuff here and seen the panels at cons and stuff. Don't have a clan yet, and it doesn't look like I'll be getting in one either, so if you'll be willing to have me, I'm in. I'd be more than happy to rep OCR on the Xbox 360, more people need to know about this joint, even if it's just a clan tag. Being on the 360, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be pretty lonely for a while, haha, but I've done the raid a couple of times in PuGs, so I'm good on that front. I also wreck PvP, since it's just Halo only better and I've been doing that for years. Got a level 28 Warlock and a Hunter that has 4 pieces of legendary equipment waiting for her when she decides to hit 20, heh. If you're on 360, let's do it up! Not sure if there's some sort of approval needed for the app, but my app's in the cooker. I guess the same rules apply to 360 as to PS4: 3 clanmates needed before the tag show up.
  3. Is that Poke-tourney still going on? Or is it over?
  4. I'd join in on the Pokemon fun, but nothing doing until I've done a few things... Namely, set a personal record by beating a Pokemon game's Elite Four in one day (I've got seven gym badges and 10 hours to go), collect a full alphabet of Unown, and (of course) complete the Sinnoh-dex so I can transport Pokemon worth battling in the tourney. So... Up to this point, maybe.
  5. Mmmm. Figured I'd finally post here. I've got an Undead warlock, and most people bitch and complain about them all day and night. Paladins and hunters are my worst nightmares, and I'm level 53 as of this moment in time. Gonna PM the rest of my crap later, but I'm not on any of the servers listed here
  6. I'd like to chill with some OCR members on the Xbox. Sounds good to me. Gamertag is... Get this... MeTaLMeLeEMaStA. Wow. Creative me.
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