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  1. I'd just like to say that I love each, and every person that was involved with this. That is all.
  2. Probably my favorite Zone (I'm considering Hidden Palace as part of it, mind you) from all of the Sonic games put together. With that said, I think this is one of my favorite OCRemix songs I've heard. The vocals aren't perfect, but that's the charm of it. Its not some multi-million dollar project. Its a group of people, having fun, and sharing their efforts with the masses. Already has a place rooted in my Favorites folder. The lyrics, by the way, were killer
  3. This'll probably sound kinda stupid, but here it goes. While listening to this song, I couldn't help but wonder why the piano was in there at the beginning. Then the image of Gerald Robotnik teaching Julian/Julias...can't remember Eggman's first-name how to play the piano. Fast-forward about ten years, and Eggman is a DJ at a rave, playing the very song he learned from his grandfather. The other theory I had about the song was that perhaps while Robotnik was in a club, he was popping some E, and had delusions of grandeur, so he started creating and building, unaware that he wasn't as great
  4. Agreed. This is one of my favorite Sonic remixes, simply because its so catchy. I've woken up many a morn' with it running through my head (Not a bad thing, of course). I remember playing it when one of my friends was over at my house; afterwhich he had trouble pulling his jaw off the carpet All in all, a beautiful remix with some real emotion packed behind the simple notes. loved that stage, by the way
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