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  1. ...feces.

    Well, my desktop computer, the only one I have capable of TF2, has something seriously wrong with it right now. It froze while playing TF2 yesterday, so I had to shut it down. When I tried to turn it back on... well, all of the fans come on. There's no video to the monitor, though, and no other sign of activity. I opened it up and checked all of the connections, they're all fine. It wasn't bumped or anything when it froze, and gave no prior signs of failing. Does anyone have an idea as to what might be wrong?

    Poor computer :(

    Anyways, I can basically guarantee that I won't be able to scrim this time, due to the computer's untimely demise (let's hope that reports of this demise are being greatly exaggerated).

    This sounds like what happened to my comp a while back, it was the video card that died, but idk if it's the same prob here.

  2. Spoilers, I guess...

    Got to the end of the starting level... doesn't seem to have any possible way of winning against that enemy before you end up underwater. Where I subsequently found something, brought it to the light, then made it to the next "level", which was also underwater and seemed oddly similar to the first "level". Then I went up, up, up into the bright light and... game over? What?!

    tl;dr, I don't get it.

    Yea, that's where I got to. um. what?

  3. Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Sainte-Exupéry :P

    I'm through the four semesters of general French now and would like to make that leap to the next level.

    My next book will be Le Comte de Monte-Cristo.

    I had to read both of those for my french class >_> Le Petit Prince was a great book.

    I've been reading all the starcraft books lately, just read I, Mengsk, and starting Queen of Blades. Also re-reading the Coldfire trilogy by C.S. Friedman. Amazing books imo.

  4. Just saw the latest ep. What a good show this is...sometimes I can't stand how good it is! I'm glad to understand the monster's role, but I want to know what exactly it is, and who or what it represents...is there some type of god on this island who resides in or is worshiped by the temple, or something else entirely? And just who is Jacob, anyway?

    Stuff like that is exactly why I've never gotten into Lost >_>

  5. After messing around with a trial account for a bit, I'm thinking about picking up the full version of WoW and joining you guys, provided that the guild is still somewhat active. Do I need to buy both the game and the two expansions at once? And what about the recruit-a-friend system?

    If you're interested in starting, I wouldn't mind recruiting someone lol. I play on anvilmar, but I can level a char on Illidan with you if you want.

  6. The game is built around teamwork. You get rewarded points for repairing your base [generators, inventory/vehicle stations, turrets, etc] as well as extra points for capturing the flag or defending it. You can rack up a lot of points just doing that. Also, take some time [during a botmatch preferably] to look around the inventory list and experiment with different setups. I'm a heavy mortar and missile spamming kind of guy so I get the ammo pack and lob away, for both offense and defense.

    Also, the most important thing you can do is learn how to ski. This is the only game I can think of where you can do something like this. All you gotta do is hold jump while going down a hill and it lets you go at incredible speeds. Also, once you hit another hill jump and jetpack to get over it with ease :) Skiing is fun!

    Yea, I wasn't sure what to expect when I first played so I just kinda started it up and jumped into a game lol. I got the hang of the jetpack a little bit, and seeing someone barrel over the top of a hill, blow up like three people, grab the flag, and jump down to his waiting vehicle and zoom off, all in the span of about 20 seconds, def makes me want to get into it more lol.

  7. Oh man, I love the newbies playing this game that don't quite "get" it. A lot of players seem to just focus on their scores and get pissed off when the inventory station has no power. Spoilers: I'm in ur base, destroyin' ur generators. I can't just go out there and kill shit but I get some pretty good results when I plan on sabotaging stuff :D hehe

    I'm one of those noob people atm... I have no idea wtf I'm doin, and I couldn't tell you what an inventory station is if I wanted to lol.

  8. so far, this game has just thoroughly stomped me into the ground... and I'm at about the second boss (The Skeleton at the start of the prison). It's a nice change of pace from the other games. The last Castlevania game I remember being challenging was Circle of the Moon, but that was the first GBA game I got like, right at launch.

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