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  1. you probably should have included the 2-3 sentance thing in the

    Voting: Once the competition closes and the tracks have been hosted, voting shall commence! All entrants must participate as well, in the spirit of comradery, and cannot vote on their own mix (duh). Wink Everyone will choose their top three entries, listing them in order from most favorite to least favorite, and PM their votes to me. #1 choices will receive three points, #2 choices two, and #3 choices one. Make sense? We won't actually be rating the mixes on each of the following criteria, but I ask that you keep these things in mind while you vote:

    * Creativity (personal flair, interesting harmonies, original lyrics, etc)

    * Vocal execution (pitch, rhythm, confidence, etc)

    * Production (bad/hissy recordings, dry mixing, etc)

    We want to reward people for getting out there, even if they think their singing could use some improvement. So don't just vote for your favorite vocalist, kay? Everybody deserves a chance!

    part, that's why I didn't see it the first time :roll:

  2. Finally, a point of pride for all trombonists. The trombone is one of the oldest of the modern symphonic instruments.

    Although, it's earliest form's name, before it became the "trombone", was "sackbut". So in realty, it did change. Just very, very little.

    Kudos to anyone who happened to know that.

    Ya, my school also has the Awsome Sackbut Section as well as the SanBenito Highschool Insane Trombonists :roll:

  3. OMG the title sucks i hate it

    I think its loads better then Half-Blood Prince. When I heard that one, I thought it was crap. Of course its grown on me now, and it just seems natural. I'm hoping the same happens with this one.

    On another note, any idea as to what the hell the title is referring to?

    I may be remembering wrong, but isn't like something Hallow the town where his parent's lived when they were killed by Voldemort?

  4. The Grom vs Mannoroth would be cool, but it would just ruin how epic of a fight it was to have Grom and 40 random people or so. Though having a BG styled instance that's like the final battle of the War of the Ancients at Zin'Ashari or whatever the city was, ending with the destruction of the Well would be awsome.

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