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  1. did anyone else get ghwt with a wonky yellow cymbal? mine was working only if you hit it really hard, so i looked and people on forums were talking about adding cardboard inside (what i did, works fine now) or super glue to the sensor.

    also, has it been confirmed yet if ghwt instruments for wii work with rock band? i was thinking of getting just the disc.

    My friend has a similar problem with his red pad. it only works if you hit it right in the center and pretty hard.

  2. Finished it last night, and yeah, there are SO many reasons that this did not get localized. NOA would freak.

    First the transexual gypsies, the humorous "rape" scene with the tranny gypsy and lucas (I know there wasn't actual rape, it was just supposed to SOUND like it via the dialogue).

    The death in chapters ones and eight, and the extremely mature way of handling things would just never fly with NOA.

    Too bad, because as Nintendo grows up in other aspects -- blood and gore -- they still refuse to grow up in other aspects -- real maturity and emotional experience.

    Indeed. Too bad M3 is the BEST game I have played on a long time in terms of emotional content. Chapter 1 literally made me tear up when you find out that Hinawa died. The good news/bad news line there was just and amazingly horrible way to reveal that. I had to pause my game and just stare at the screen asking myself if he really just said that.

  3. i think ive been playing this game like earthbound so far, at a relatively low level

    would anybody who has completed chapter 7 tell me what general levels you were at? he's giving me a hell of a time

    I just got Duster back right now in chap 7 , and my levels are

    Lucas: 33




  4. In all honestly, I think it's a good call. This lets more people experience endgame content, and means people dont have to flip shits over min/maxing these new skills and builds to stand a chance of winning. Gives Blizz a chance to fine-tune stuff before Wrath and all. Here's to hoping they do actually know what they're doing...

    Yea, I'm enjoying it. But I'm on a really sucky server so PuG Kara is about as far as I get, and I can only do it once a week.

  5. I feel ya. Warlocks aren't looking too hot right now either - it's like my DPS got buffed 20% or so while everyone else got 50% or so. Hopefully we'll scale at 80 *sigh*. Good news is, Blizz has plans to tone down the inane burstyness of ye ret paladins.

    In the meantime, my guild is gonna STEAMROLL Black Temple tonight. We rofled our way thru SSC in 2 hours on Wednesday, and woulda done the same to TK if the server didnt FATAL ERROR on us. Illidan's going down before Wrath launches, I know it.

    yea, raids are kinda rofl right now. I PuGed Kara in about 1.5 hours, just completely random people in pvp gear and stuff.

  6. you want the combo to start as soon as you press a. that means once you get to flints "attacked!" box, hit a as the beginning of the combo

    also practice is a whole lot easier once you get to osohe castle and pick up the battle memory book from the present on the first floor. it lets you battle any enemy youve encountered before for as long as you want. you dont take any damage or anything, its there specifically so you can practice the various music. really neat addition i'd say

    Yea, I just got to this point and having that along with being able to sleep enemies is so helpful.

    Actually, places I did GBA game testing, we used the visual boy emulator.

    You should also know, that emulator came out, before the gba came out in Japan...sure it's updated, but I think nintendo is indirectly responsible for creating this emulator at first. So, being harder because of an emu is a possibility but it might be more because of a emu plugin or something.

    I think what he meant is that there's a slight delay on the emulator between the game and the actual sound. The sound comes a bit liate iirc so it throws the rythm off.

  7. thats mostly the fault of the emulator, not the game

    real hardware would play the game better and make it a little less difficult

    Yea. Part of the hard part is that I'm just not sure exactly how it works. I haven't found, like, one of the sparrows or something that explains it. Idk if it's like, the tempo of the song, or the rhythm, or what.

  8. Right now Retribution is way overpowered for Paladins. Someone brought up the point that these are essentially level 80 moves? No, they're not. I mean, if they were Level 80 moves they'd be trainable at 80. They're 51 point talents, which means if anything, they're level 60 moves on the ground. Still ridiculously powered, though.

    They're balanced for level 80. Least that's what I've read in interviews.

  9. so who thinks glitch is ukeke3000 that makes sense doesnt it

    Sadly, it kind of does. Here, use this PM from ukeke that I have in my inbox as comparison

    hey very good! you are the first one to actually get it. I love the ukikis and they rock. it was funny because a few years ago i made a song that goes to it. of course I can't give you the tune to it because, well i didn't get it off of anything. here are the lyrics.

    ukiki wakiki wawakiki

    i stole it i stole it

    hahaha hee hee hee

    yeah kinda stupid but keep in mind i was in fifth grade when i made it lol

  10. wait, glitch?

    I know there was one glitch where you bet the minimum amount, but then before it actually starts, you raise the bet to the max. It only takes money at the minimum amount, but you'll win as if you had bet the max amount.

  11. Oh, and I love how the writers pretty much crapped all over what little semblance of believable science the show had with Mohinder's new discovery. "It's not in the DNA, its in the adrenaline!!!" Oh boy...

    well, the way I understood it was that the adrenaline activated the powers, which is why he makes a comment about adding adrenaline for instant results, but I could be totally wrong, as these were the first 2 episodes I've ever seen.

  12. I'm not one to write songfic, but I feel like what I'm listening to right now pretty much describes the relationship between the anime fans that watch Cartoon Network (or used to at this point) and the producers/directors and the general fucktards that run the network.


    Go look up the lyrics for Forsaken. Yeah, it's by Disturbed with a dash of Korn thrown in, but still seems a bit appropriate here. Anyway, that's my two cents for this post.

    I had no idea that song was by Disturbed O_o I just remember it from the Queen of the Damned.

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