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  1. I have just enough allies to fill my fleet. But yea, the space section is just so addicting. I've been playing it for hours and I've encountered about 5 empires near mine, but when I went exploring a bit, I ran into like 5 more, it's just so huge. I could probably play for like, a year straight and still not encounter every empire and conquer or ally them.

  2. by the way, securom isn't that hard to deal with.

    Also, This game kicks ass, got to civilization mode last night and made the terrible discoverey that a single military city and the rest economic doesnt work at all.....

    haha, I might play the game again, but this time be more peaceful. I went all military cities and bulldozed over everyone with a massive army in like 20 mins. It was kinda sad :(

  3. most of the 1 stars are becaues of the DRM stuff and other user limitations. If that doesn't bother you at all, it's still a great game, regardless of how much people are whining about it.

  4. I'm loving the space aspect, accept that it seems really, really, really hard to capture cities. I can usually take down their ships and then start on turrets, but then my ally dies and I get destroyed. I was doing pretty well keeping everything at bay and slowly expanding against 3 empires, but then I accedentally attacked my ally and went to war with them as well. I did like never having to actually go defend my home planet since every one of my cities there has full defenses. Oddly, my home planet has my lowest spice income :(

  5. Another comment I have is if you go to a somewhat decent school, check up on what kind of research they have going on. You never know what you'll learn or you might find something you're really interested in (I just read an article about some researcher at RPI, the college I'm at, who's speculating that forward facing eyes, such as on humans, gives us the limited ability to see through objects. It seems kind of obvious once you think about it, but it did provide an interesting look at the fact that human eyes are developed for say, a forest, where we'd need to look through leaves to see what's coming, as opposed to the more open world we live in now.) But yea, just find stuff that interests you. Right now, I'm kind of starting off easy, but between Magic the Gathering club, DDR club, and the DotA club that's just starting, I still have tons of time to do homework and still do whatever else I want. I'll probably get more involved eventually, but right now it's fun just to settle in and meet people with the same interests as me.

  6. I'm going the the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as is someone else on OCR, I forget who though, BCBP major. So far, I haven't had much trouble adjusting, and the extra freedom is nice, and you'll quickly meet people who have same interests as you. Last friday, me and like, 6 people just went to this card shop and did an MTG draft for kicks. It's cool just to be able to go wherever and do whatever (within reason of course). Just don't let it get to you, sleep and study, etc. It's week 2 and I've already had 2 exams (okay, it was the pre-calc test for Calc and the High School Knowledge test for Chem, but still)

  7. How is Phelps doing anyways? I was watching the Olympics a bit, and saw him break the record for... mens 400m swimming? IDK, it was whatever the first medal he won was. I remember it said he had a shot at 8 golds, which would break the records for the number of golds in one olympics and I'm curious to see if he'll do it.

  8. Am I like, the only person here that watches WGI? :(

    I actually did go to a DCI comp at Stanford last year which was pretty exciting, me and like 20 people from my band all went, since it was the first year our band did field show comps during the fall season.

  9. OCR was responsible for me randomly playing Earthbound last summer. The final battle is so crazy, being inspired by some traumatic childhood experience the director had. The Mother 3 translator guys are getting pretty far along with their project.


    Really looking forward to this.

    Yay, I'm not the only person I know following their progress. I've actually been considering getting a flash cart just so I can play it actually on a GBA, but I'm clueless >_>

  10. I played the Skies of Arcadia for GC, it was great. I'd love to find it on dreamcast.

    So, no need for memory cards, right? there's no huge item I need to play dreamcast beyond the standard cables and controller, is there?

    I did notice this thing on wikipedia: the VMU? That little video thingy you stick in the controller. What's up with that?

    The VMU is the memory card iirc. the little screen will display stuff while you're playing and can be used with certain games to kind of do mini games. I remember you could use it in Time Stalkers to like raise a little monster to get items or something to that effect. I also remember in Tony Hawk whenever I messed up a trick the screen would tell me I sucked...

  11. Sorry to revive this, but I picked it up today so I thought I'd comment. The stealth action of the game does NOT translate well to a book. I'm only on chapter 7, but so far the novel has consisted of random chatter (actually close to the original dialogue as far as I can remember it at least since I only really remember the "finish the mission and I'll let you see me naked" line), then sneaking past/killing guards, repeat about 5 more times and that's where I am. It's kinda interesting from a story stand point, but the game isn't... actiony... enough to really get a good read. When the point of the game is avoiding conflict, it just kinda makes a boring read.

  12. Just to interject into the conversation a bit, has anyone tried Baroque? It's a port of a PS2 game that was apparantly a remake of a Sega Saturn game is something. The controls for it are a bit awkward and the camera sucks, but the story is so hopelessly muddled and confusing in the beginning, that I keep playing to find out more.

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