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  1. I have finished my Dragonball Z Music Video using the song Punch-Out!! "Little Mac's Confession". I encourage everyone who likes this song (and dragonball z) to check it out! It came out great and I think it is a great Tribute to Game Over, and their awesome song! http://www.geocities.com/breemanamv/DBZvids.htm This is the link to the page that has the video, it is the first video on the list, and if you are too lazy to go there, right click this next link in the forum and select save target as to save my punch out video to your computer. http://www.angelfire.com/apes/punchout/punchout.rm The main link to my web-site is http://breemanamv.8m.com , enjoy my videos!
  2. This is my new Favorite OC ReMix! Along with Castlevania 2 - Bloody Hell. This ReMix is totally awesome! Me and my friends are big fans of the game, and this is the best tribute to it ever! I am working on a DBZ music video with this ReMix right now and it will be at http://breemanamv.8m.com when it is finished, and let me tell you, im not just a newbie video editor, I made it to the second round of majin planet's ( http://www.majinplanet.com ) Fight Club DBZ music video contest, so you can expect my "Punch Out" music video to be a really good tribute to Game Over. also Sammich, your brother has great songs reccomendations, The Glass Prison from Dream Theater's new Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence is a great song! Dream Theater is my #1 favorite band and barely anyone I know has heard of them before I told them about them. It really cool that your brother reccomended such an awesome band as them. They are definately a band to check out, like this remix!
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