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  1. Thunderlord Server Call me Ktulu WoW name : Ktuhlu Night Elf Druid
  2. 2 things... Can someone send be the bolland brass section that that other guy requested? For some reason i couldn't downloada it. Also Can anybody tell me the best free strings soundfont and where to get it? Im lookin for a string lead sound and not just background strings. The one i currently use doenst have the power to carry the melody. Can anybody help me?
  3. Does anybody know of a really good distorted guitar sample? Most of the ones I've tried suck.
  4. Hey i just thought it would be cool if we made a thread where ppl post their favorite soundfonts for certain instruments. Im a noob so i dont really have any favorites, but I'd appreciate it if you could help me out. Here's a starter list for instruments. Piano: Distorted Guitar: Trumpet: Trombone: Brass Section: Strings: etc etc. Please post links or whathaveyou regarding any instruments that you think are good soundfonts.
  5. Ok everybody i am warning you right now I might sound liek a total idiot in this thread, as I dont know waht Im talking about. But anyways... For the first song I've made using FL ive using the Fruity soundfnt player, and various soundfonts. Waht I'm wondering is what the difference between VSTi and soundfonts, soundwise. Which one will sound realler. Or are they the same thing? I dont know im jsut confused and would like some help...
  6. Well waht kind of "help" page doenst have working links? Anyway I've got a few problems with FL... 1. When I play back the song (it has about 10 tracks) the audio skips and cracks... 2. How do i make some notes crescendo? I made volume swells in GuitarPro but the midi files dont crescendo when I import them. If anybody could help that would be greatly appreciated...
  7. When I try to access the tutorials posted on page 1 it says "Topic does not exist"... Can anybody help?
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