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  1. No way, this song kept me going as a mage: http://www.thejasoneffect.net/music/MapleStory/MemoriesofVictoria/ToEllinia.mp3 This one also http://www.thejasoneffect.net/music/MapleStory/MemoriesofVictoria/Ellinia.mp3
  2. Yeah I definitely love this song now. I'm going to try and remix it for ya. I'm thinking Trancey-Technoey? What say you?
  3. Oh! I remember this game! I played beta not too long ago (is it still in beta?) and I kinda liked it, only it had way too many bugs x.X Anyways, let me check the song out.
  4. Wow, this really plays during a game like Phoenix Wright? I find that weird, to be truthful. But I do like the song, I can almost picture an arrangement of how you mention, but only techno-ey style if you know what I mean. Just give me a few days to get used to some parts of the song and I might get working on this. EDIT: You can find it here. (If this is not the song, then someone correct me).
  5. Hey, my name is Dr Jump (not really, just a nickname.) Anyways, I just came across this thread and thought I'd introduce myself. I hope to have a good time here.
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