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  1. oh de song wass not my favorite it wass not so good to me i love it no never mind i do not i wish i did i did not love the song and the buddies of de song. it was not something dat i sing loud and proud. such a shayme
  2. oh jes so byootiful iss dis song iss so good to me. i love it like de trees. i wish it were a popsickle so i cood eat it up. i love it and i also love gazelles but das different story. dis song iss so good to me and to you. sing it loud and proud and full of shoud. oh jes i sing it in de noontime and in de evening time even though you can't sing it oh jes i love it...
  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh once again i sing dis song i sing it loud i sing it proud iss so much fun to sing de great song that is dis song oh i love everybody and also i lovv dis song which iss so good to me jes it is i like it oh i do
  4. i like de song. jes i do. it is so good to me. i love to sing de song. de song make me very happy. i love to listen to de song. sing and sing and sing dis song. so good jes indeed iss so good.
  5. wow... what an overwhelmingly positive group of posts. Sexy voice my man. not ashamed to say it. Great stuff.
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