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  1. Love the song. One of my favorites from the FFX collection and i have them all. The freestyle piano has to be the best part because it shows how you amde this remix your own. It is also so catchy you want to hear it over and over again. So i put it on a cd and its out in my car where i listen to it like any other cd. Great job!
  2. Just wanted to say hello. I've been downlaoding from the site since the summer of 05 it is now January and i felt i should join. I have a lot of mixes on my PC by using bit torrent. I now own a Mac and i can't even download songs via HTTP format. Does anyone know how i can. I just want a view songs, adn i don't have access to my home computer right now. I'm sure its in this thread some where but 74 pages is jsut way to much for me to go through. Sorry I'm lazy
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