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  1. Love it. Very upbeat, love the xylaphone(sp?). Makes me want to go and play the game, but alas, i no longer have it. My aunt thinks japan is trying to take over the world with music in videogames (lol), and even she loves this remix. She couln't change what she said after we told her it was a VG remix song. Keep up the awsome work!
  2. I think this was a well done song, though it was a bit long. Even so, it was very relaxing and it makes your mind swirl with images. Absolutly superb.
  3. I love this remix. It was done very well, but unfourtunatly, I can't compare it to the Sega CD version of the game, because I have only played the PSX version, but that doesn't matter. Very well done, and I think you are very critical on your vocals, I thought they were fine.
  4. I love all of the chocobo-chocobo remixes, but this one is the best by far. I love how you did the background music, it kind of reminds me of double dragon games. You also didn't just stay with the normal chocobo tune, you mixed it up, but in a good way. Yeah, it's just overall a great song, listen to it almost every day. Mmmmyup
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