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  1. Simply amazing! I listen to this every night before I goto sleep. Well done and keep up the great work!
  2. Thank you for a wonderful album. I normally don't log into the forums, but I just had to, today. I can't even begin to imagine the headaches associated with making this into reality. Keep up the great work!
  3. Okay, so the ONLY reason why I registered in OCR Forums is to post my comments on the Chrono Symphonic project. First off, I'm an avid fan of the Chrono Trigger series. I've played all the games, (yes, including hacked versions of Radical Dreamers for the SNES). And after playing every single one of the games I've always had a yearning for something more. A sequel? A prequel? Who knows! All I know is that after Chrono Cross, I've wanted a little something else. I've waited and waited, hoping that maybe a new game will come out. Or maybe, even a 3D remake of Chrono Trigger! (God, can you imagine that?!) The music is just brilliantly rearranged! I'll be honest and say this straight forth: I'm no musician. But you know what? That doesn't matter to me! What matters is that I'm an average consumer/listener who loves what he hears! And I definitely love the entire soundtrack. If ever there was such a real movie made, I hope that the producers/directors put as much effort and energy into it as did these young musicians who collaborated together to bring us CT Symphonic. Great work everybody! This project just proves to me that internet collaboration on a wide scale is still possible and achievable (yet tolerable!) ~ monie yang (by the way, Pixietricks you have a BEAUTIFUL voice!!!)
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