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  1. There are some amazing tracks in this album. I was blown away! Hands down one of my favourite with Training Montage making me breakout in moves everytime! Amazing piece, keeping them coming!!!
  2. The song reminds me so much of the original Diablo. The song brings back great memories of the game. Whenever it randomly spawns itself on my playlist, I love listening to it
  3. I don't post much, but I'm a huge fan of the site and your work! Happy Birthday!
  4. I knew a long while back when I first heard this song it hit base notes like i've never heard before. I have well over 10gig's worth of house/electric/techno on my computer, but this song beats them all when it comes to testing the sub. Just last week I finally purchased a real sub for my Home Theater system and I knew I had to try this song throught my collection. Let's just say my doors were rattling and the water in my tea was vibrating.. AWESOME!!
  5. Hard day at work! This song just turned my frown upside down
  6. Awesome release guys, really brings me back! A thumbs up to you all. One of my favorite remixer's bLiNd remixed my favorite FF7 song, JENOVA .. LOVE IT!
  7. This is my favorite track of all ocremixes. I'm all into the whole euro 90's mix and this one does it for me. This song really gets me going in the morning and even more at the gym. I'm not much of a song critic, but whenever the song starts up I'm bouncin off the walls
  8. I love this song! One of my favorites and I recommend listening to it!
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