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  1. Winamp supports FLAC, VLC supports FLAC, Nero supports FLAC through a free plugin, SUPER transcodes FLAC, BurnAtOnce supports FLAC. Bottom line, FLAC isnt obscure anymore and people who prefer lossless media know what to do with it. I'd prefer to see a FLAC release (smaller file size) but a WAV release is alright too, so long as it is lossless.
  2. Release the album in a MP3/FLAC torrent like ALL the other soundtracks. Everyone wins; listeners have format choice, no bandwidth problems, etc. Why is this even being discussed?
  3. Roy Batty's "Tears in the Rain" from Blade Runner.
  4. I got a 5th generartion 30GB video iPod for christmas last year and havent had a problem yet. Ive been seeing the 30GB Zune going for around $100 at radioshack and dell, so thats a different mp3 player to consider. If you have a 360, Mass Effect is fun, and for Wii, SM Galaxy is a must. I dunno about the PS3...
  5. Why not start an OC Remix project that reinterprets the winter theme music from various games. It could be a OC video game holiday tribute album! Lots of games have winter music. This could be the most festive OC project yet!
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