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  1. You know what, I could drag this on, because I don't say things without reason. But meh, I was just trying to reserve a more epic title for him *shrug*. "Toasty n00b" isn't my idea of epic...
  2. Then use "Newcomer", gawd Just tryin' to stick up fer my brutha legend here
  3. Well he's been here a while, posted a song (though it didn't make the cut)... so he's not a n00b. plus... n00b sounds lame and Jewbei ain't lame XD Maybe "New Challanger"
  4. Its about time this awesomeness made it to OCR :3 But I do question one thing on the Big Bosses' review... "for this frigid weekend morning we've got more toasty n00b action" I has been watchin' the Jewbster for many a while, he is no longer a n00b. XD PS: Jewbei this song is still on my current playlist
  5. yea, I've been wanting to do this song for years, but I've lacked skill. I do admit its a bit on the repetitive side... But god, don't make me show you that horrible Mario mix I made! That was repetitive... lol. Anyways, I might do some more work and make an "extended version" that might be a little better. I'll keep ya'll up to date
  6. Hello all, I've been on these forums for years and just never have posted... so this is my official welcome post as well as my first possible song submission to OCR. I've spent the last 3 days vigorously working on this song, and in my opinion the only other thing I can do to make it 100% perfect is to do a little more with the drums I've also worked with Jewbei, he's shown me a lot that's made this song a much bigger thing then just some random loops Ok, well here's the song and lemme know any feed back -SkullFire
  7. I wished I knew about this sooner... I have 4 days though! I'll give it a shot!
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