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  1. Thanks a lot guys, it was very helpful.
  2. I have some questions. For the record, the only thing I'm doing with FL right now is loading midis onto it and messing with them (changing soundfonts mostly). Anyway: -Why don't the little volume and tempo knobs next to the track stay where I put them? They usually revert to their original positions when I stop and play a song again. -What's the best way to go about setting up percussion from midi in FL? All the drum sounds are on one track in midi, whereas each drum sound seems to need its own track and soundfont in FL. Are there any single soundfonts that are custom-made to fill in completely for midi channel 10? -Midi tracks still don't make any sound, even though I enabled everything and messed with the midi settings a lot.
  3. I can tell a ton of work was put into this piece, and it really shows. It sounds amazing. I like the way it's mostly rock but with some techno elements as well. Normally I'd be able to find something to complain about, but I've listened to this too many times to want to change anything about it.
  4. Holy crap, I love this remix. I can't even think of anything specific to say...
  5. I listened to this a while ago and didn't like it enough to download it, but I did this time around. The "lighter" sounding instruments sounded a bit strange with the "heavier" beat in the background, but it's no biggie after a couple of listens. You probably could have gone without quite so many pitch bends with the guitar-like thing, though. Those can get irritating in mass quantity. Overall, good job.
  6. Love love love this remix. I usually hate remixes that sound almost nothing like the originals, but this is at least in my top three favorites on the site. The ring sound effects are a great touch.
  7. I usually don't like a remix that strays too far from the original melody and chord progression, but this is a big exception. Very well put together, and the percussion is fantastic!!
  8. I have to say, I really hated the sitar-like melody instrument at first, but the whole remix grew on me after a few listens and now it's one of my favorite pieces on the site. Great job.
  9. ^I agree. I liked the beginning a lot, but the beat just wasn't fitting. It was unsteady with all the randomish cymbals and offbeat "bass drum." However, the instrumentation was good, so if the percussion were only tweaked a bit I'd probably love this remix.
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