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  1. Although I base most of my thoughts and inspiration off of music, I do not actually have any knowledge or skill for creating it...at least, not yet. However, as a very serious fanfiction writer (isn't that an oxymoron? oh well) I find myself reading over my stories far more than I do others'. It's not that I don't appreciate others' work (I do very much!) or that I think I'm so damn great; more of it appears to be a kind of subtle self-editing. I can read my work and see where I need to improve. Because I'm very self-concious, I try to imagine what my readers will think when they read a peice. This is enjoyable. Plus, there is a little self-pride to be had. Listening to - or reading - something you did well makes you proud and justifies all the hard work you put into improving.
  2. This late in the process, this may be a moot point, but has anyone on the project heard Bouche's piano arrangment of Verdanturf? It's very beautiful, in my opinion, and I've always wanted to hear it done up professionally. Of course I do not know the artist, so I'm inclined to ask around here. The file is up at vgmusic.com.
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