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  1. Thanks for all your posts. I really appreciate the help.
  2. I've listened to alot of electronica, and the only thing I can tolerate is Drum n' Bass styled electronica. I've tried recreating many drumbeats, but I cannot figure out how to get the hi hats to sound like they do in actual songs. They sound like there is a constant stream of hi hats that goes up and down in pitch rapidly. I'm not sure. Can someone send me a FL file with a demonstration of this or show it out in txt? I really appreciate it.
  3. Omg, i hate those top 10 lists. Personally, I think impelliterri is better than malmsteen, and so is gilbert. Batio is pretty insane too.
  4. I hook up my pa into my pc, and hook a mic to my pa, and post that beyotch in front my amp. good old fashioned way. But it still sounds like crap. I use Shure SM57 <3
  5. I have the reason demo, so i may look at it later. Once I get my midi controller, i'll figure out whether I like FL or Reason more.
  6. The begining beat (the bass and cello with the drumbeat) blew my mind. My eardrums exploded from superb insanity. I had to clean my floor preceding that situation. anyways. It was awesome. GREAT JOB. If this is where the bar was set for all mixes, No-one would get accepted. XD
  7. I was wondering how to get the bass as powerful as that in the beginning of Mario Paint 'Intense Color' by Sephfire and SuperGreenX. Was there a specific Soundfont or VST plugin for that? Also, I was wondering about the skipping too. Was that done in Acid? Would I just use the beatslicer thing in FL and chop out little peices? Just some newb questions. (awesome song, btw)
  8. I was digging through my SNES games, and I found this game. I never had it for megadrive, it was all SNES. I haven't touched it in forever, but i remember running from the big black thing at the beginning of the game, and then turning it off. I bought it at a garage sale for 2 dollars. The track is really soothing, even though it is not familiar to me. Good job. =)
  9. I know as a guitar player, reading books is a very useful way to expand creativity. Fantasy Books are good. =) Someone recommended the Sword of Truth Series to me once, but I haven't gotten around to it. (that was like 2 years ago) =o
  10. That it does. I'm paying off my fourth guitar, so as soon as I do, i'll buy the UF7.
  11. The CME UF7 looks about enough. I don't want something entirely too large, but something good enough to learn on and not be disappointed later on. I was really wanting some weighted keys, because I hate that plasticy feel to keyboards, and I want something I can strengthen my fingers on just a bit. Thanks for all the opinions. Edit: I was looking at musiciansfriend reviews, and i know they dont matter much, but they weren't very good. Do you own one, Zoola? Could you vouch their quality?
  12. Is there anything negative about getting a keyboard with less keys. I was wanting to learn alot of the nobuo uematsu peices and I want to have enough keys to play them comfortably. Those CME's are nice. =) Do they really play that well?
  13. You're right. About the USB MIDI thing, The controllers have a standard midi out, and a USB midi out. I was wondering if USB MIDI performed any worse. I'll look into the EMU 0404
  14. I have the same problem regularly on the guitar. I'll be trying to write something creative, and nothing will happen. I have heard all kinds of remedies, usually none of them worked. I feel that a lack of creativity is caused by a lack of variety somewhere in your life. Theres a couple things I normally do to get some ideas: Change my desktop background (usually something completely different than i had. Or make one) Try some new foods (I tried some indian food. Yum! Got me writing a song in no time. although it wasn't etnic music at all, but it made me feel pretty good.) Clean my room while listening to piano arrangements (I play alot of neo-classical and heavey metal and 'metalcore', so piano arragement sorta give me some variety away from my regluar instruments. I usually make up my own little melodies to what they're playing.); when cleaning my room, I always find things from the past that give me some ideas. Listen to a new band from a style I like (purevolume.com <--good site for that) Listen to a new band from a style I hate (purevolume is also a good site for this. o.o;) Playing a new videogame is always a good way to settle your nerves. RPG's are supreme ways to get some ideas. There is so much music in their scores, that it'll take a hold of you. =) Well, thats all I can think of. You guys prolly think i'm a bozo. XD
  15. I've been looking around, because I want to get into the remix community very badly. I have been trying Fruity Loops and Prop-head Reason Demos, but manually putting in notes is driving me insane. I'd rather do it with a midi controller. I'm on a very tight budget (due to me being a high school student and having a pretty lame job.) but i'm seriously ready to start getting good at arranging/composing. I'm going to buy the software of my choice as soon as I get the money. I'm already good at recording guitar (and even better at playing it) and I am really itching to bust out a couple final fantasy songs on guitar that i have in mind. Well, to the questions. Korg K61? Buy or Keep looking? It seems pretty good to me, and has everything I really need. There are no reviews on it, and i was wondering if anyone got to play on one yet. (They were at the NAMM 2006 show, so they are relatively new.) Does USB MIDI work as well as the standard MIDI cable connector (when connecting to computers)? When recording MIDI, is perfect timing an essential? What I mean, is does it cut stuff off when you go back to look at it (questioning reason/fruityloops), or is it like real-time recording in cakewalk? I have an SB Live! 24-bit. Will I need to upgrade to an Audigy? Thanks for answering any of my questions, it is truely appreciated. My Computer: 2.4Ghz P4 (no HT) 1024MB DDR333 RAM SB Live! 24-bit SB PC128 (I was too lazy to take the old one out. I have it disabled.) Geforce 6200 TD (for playing my PSX games, i know i dont need it) I have it connected to the internet, but i am thinking about having a second computer with no Internet Access being built. This is the plan. Tell me what you think: AMD 64 3000+ (HT) 1024 DDR400 RAM SB Audigy or Live Nforce Motherboard Video Enough Fans to allow 24-7 cooling during hot summers. (my room gets around 85 degrees during summers, and i already leave my computers on all day.) I work at a computer store, so I can get wholesale prices on all my computer parts, I could probably build this machine for under 400. Well, thanks for looking at this. Just tell me what you think. I'm curious about all this. =)