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  1. Do you like this? https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B6O0XAy7xeXOOTNjYTM4NTktZmQwMy00NDI5LWFmOWQtNDgyMTRlZGU3NDg0&hl=en
  2. You can upload anything at Google Docs, not just office documents. Max 250MB.
  3. It's not a program it's a Yamaha PSR 3000 keyboard. I think keyboards are great because instead of getting all those soundfonts etc. you can just get a bog standard MIDI file and pipe it through this and get these sounds.
  4. Hi, I have recorded it on my Soundblaster by taking the soundcard downstairs! The link to down load from is http://chris90uk.googlepages.com/cidmarchfullquality.mp3 Thanks.
  5. Hello. I am having troubles with Linux and the Soundblaster at the moment (edit: so I used the Windows computer downstairs to record the hi-q version). Anyway, it's pretty loud and fast Cid's theme from ff7! Here is the link, thanks. http://chris90uk.googlepages.com/cidmarchfullquality.mp3
  6. my room - less room and more cupboard actually - it's tiny! here are some pictures of my musical stuff...not much, actually. http://chris90uk.googlepages.com/DSCI0004.JPG/DSCI0004-full.jpg http://chris90uk.googlepages.com/DSCI0005.JPG/DSCI0005-full.jpg http://chris90uk.googlepages.com/DSCI0006.JPG/DSCI0006-full.jpg EDIT: hey Sixto we have the same soundcard yay edit EDIT: and i love the touch of redrum. classy.
  7. google pages is now open again for anyone with a gmail account. it's for making your own website, which is good on it's own, but it gives you 100mb space for you to upload any files you want. i have two google sites, merged into one website (i have a lot of mp3s). anyway, if you have a gmail account you can get one, it really beats these free file hosting things because what you upload stays there, and there's no waiting for downloads - this is google. on a side note, if you want a gmail invite i've got plenty.
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