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  1. It was great to see everyone again and meet a few new people! Anime USA and MAGfest are right around the corner!
  2. for $7.50 a pitcher, it's totally worth it! Happy birthday DJP!
  3. There is a Hard Rock Cafe and a Chipotle in the same building as ESPN Zone. Also I don't know if I'll make the Panel or the first meet up, since I can't get to Baltimore until Friday. I am not driving and I don't know what time I will arrive. I should be good for meet up 2 though!
  4. I plan on going, I hope to see everyone again!
  5. I, like everyone else, enjoy your music and I think you deserve the spotlight! Congrats! I hope more comes your way.
  6. Look in Pixie's pics (page 19), he is wearing the "STOKED" T-shirt. Sadly he and I only met briefly and I was near the back in that panel so I didn't get to meet you. I too am fairly new having been a fan since 2001 and member of the community in 2004. I don't post much, because I usually don't have anything to contribute to threads, but I'm gonna start getting more involved.
  7. Saturday Night Concert pics AE rockin' out in Wave Theory Shael Riley and AE having a rap battle more of Shael Riley and AE having a rap battle Smash Bros Rockin' out (Ailsean and Virt)
  8. oh yes and the witnessing of a beautiful moment, captured on Rama's DS:
  9. Geoffrey Taucer, pixietricks, DJ Sammy G TristorTrucido Liontamer Ailsean and myself
  10. This was my first MAG-Fest as well! The panels were cool, the bands rocked, and everyone was awesome! I am definitely going next year. Thanks Everyone! I took a lot of pictures this weekend (especially at the concerts!) Anyway, here are a few pics I took (with consent of the photographed) from the various meet-ups throughout the weekend: (Note: Please forgive me if I don't remember your OCR name, I have a horrible memory, please correct any of my posts and add yourself in) (click pics for larger images) First OCR meet up, getting dinner and hanging out Liontamer, Zircon, Pixietricks, Benzo, Fivre Pixietricks, Zircon, Rama, and Xerol DJ Pretzel surrounded by OCR peeps José the Bronx Rican, DJP, SnappleMan, Bahamut
  11. ok I am officially going now. I'll be staying in Benzo's room. I can't wait, this is my first MagFest and I've heard this is a great convention!
  12. As of right now I am planning to go, though it may only be a one day thing, we'll see. Also looking to get the Video game AMV projects played .
  13. Good News DJP! Ok, I voted for 2x, I like it a little baggy .
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