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    Jillian Aversa is a vocalist and composer of original New Age/World music. She has commercially released two albums thus far - both receiving rave reviews and widespread radio airplay - and serves the OC ReMix community as a remixer and judge. For a full bio, visit www.JillianAversa.com!
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    Vocalist, Songwriter, Video Games Live Soloist
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  1. Ah, thank you! I also sang the League of Legends solo on Level 4. ^^ I'm SO sorry you missed the Sands show. I'm sure we'll be back in the area sometime, though!
  2. It's already available on Bandcamp, in both digital and physical formats! ^^ http://jillianaversa.bandcamp.com/album/atlantis-awakening
  3. You're right on! Submitted the remix to OCR... hopefully it'll be posted! Thank you all for your feedback! I am so, so, so happy & relieved to finally have this CD out. It was a true labor of love. DarkeSword: Yes, it will be on OverClocked Records!
  4. Beautiful baby ! So happy for you, Dave & Anna!
  5. 1. Goron (Zelda) 2. Tanooki Mario (SMB3) 3. Rosalina (Mario Galaxy)
  6. Hey guys! Sorry I didn't show up here sooner; Andy forgot to tell me he started a thread, hehe... Thank you so much for the support! We just hit $9,000 today (over nine thouusaaaand) - I can't believe how great the response has been so far. <(^o^)> To answer your question, Jay (hi!): I wrote/spoke about this on my Kickstarter page, but basically I've had very frequent dreams of tsunami since a young age. I don't know why my subconscious keeps going back to this imagery, but it felt like time to find out its significance in my life. The legend of Atlantis was a perfect fit becau
  7. Hey guys! Larry, maybe you can add this info to your post: I got in touch with the box office to see if we could arrange for a group discount, and they have reserved a block of 30 seats for us at the cheapest price point, in the first 5 rows of the balcony section. It would normally be $38/ticket, but they're giving us a 20% discount *and* waiving the $4 processing fee, so it's now ***$30/ticket*** (saving everyone $12)! If you'd like to get in on the group rate & seating, please post here or on my Facebook note. I need to give them our final number by next Thursday, June 28th, when I
  8. Oh hey, happy birthday, Jill!

  9. Hahahaha, I was laughing so hard during that scene...
  10. Yeah, hey... If we're talking about limited edition things, can't we at least print a small-ish number of girly tees? ;_;
  11. I said this in staff chat, but I'll throw this out there publicly as well: The university design isn't my favorite, because even though it's tongue-in-cheek, most people wouldn't know that. I don't think it serves a practical purpose... Instead of spreading the word about OCR and what we do, it just winds up feeling like an in-joke. I'd rather wear something that actually promotes the community and feels 'inviting' to outsiders. Why would we want people to mistake OCR for some preppy college? Anywho, another thought I wanted to throw out there... Maybe it would be cool to have a version w
  12. I love the instruments one... BUT WE NEED BABYDOLLS!
  13. YESSSSSS! And now he's a good friend of mine, tooooo! We were at the Tokyo Game Show and SoulCalibur V recording together in Sydney. XD
  14. Haha, Brandon! Andy and I actually know Matt Campana! He went to Drexel and is a friend of ours. I was really impressed with his submission, too. ^-^
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