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  1. I like to listen to this remix at 2x speed while envisioning Snake sneeking around MGS style.
  2. LMAO! You know, the mix is kinda' funny. But what's funnier is that I turn to here and it's DALE yet AGAIN!! I swear!! The problem with the torrents is that they don't credit the author (cept maybe in the id3 tag that foobar doesn't show). Are all the best mixes by Mr. North?!!!
  3. I used to play this game JUST to hear this song!! You'd ALWAYS know where MY Ryu Hazuki was a 7pm ;p. And Remixed SO well!! In the traditional Dale North style in that the soul of the song is... well you could say, untouched. But it's also MAGNIFIED. DALE IS THE MAN!! BTW the voice is out of the game... Though I always thought it was 'Thatsa' good pizza' but... Maybe Dale changed it, but he did a HELLA' good impression.
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