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  1. Make no mistake, Square Enix definitely knows how to make things flashy. Have you seen the FFXIII trailer? I think it's absolutely jaw-dropping. But lately, it's begun to dawn on me that being flashy is almost all they are anymore.

  2. Yeah, like I need to level up a lot still for better equipment, a few almost 10k gil spells, and a lot of techs still...this game is starting to get as ridiculous as FF3 DS. It's the opposite of fun.

    What's even worse is that there's a spin-off of FFXII in the works for the DS:



    Ever since Enix bought and merged with Square, the FF series seems to have taken more of a "quantity over quality" approach. Just the name of FFX-2 was terrible... Why would anyone call a game "10-2"? And this whole "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" crap is just awful, it's a rape of one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) games of all time.

  3. So I've been playiing this game for the past week/week and a half...why do they force you to level up still :-( . Even after exploring all sorts of areas of maps, I still find I'm generally underleveled and underequipped. I'm currently up to Ahriman, and that boss pisses me off.

    Yeah, the excessive grinding was one of the biggest problems I had with the game. After every dungeon, I'd have to spend anywhere from 2-3 hours grinding so I can gain a few levels and buy new equipment so the monsters in the next area don't completely annihilate me. It took me 75 hours to beat the game, and I probably spent half that time just grinding. Even worse, I had a 4 level advantage over the final boss, and I just barely won the battle with him by the skin of my teeth. He'd just sit there and pummel my entire party with one flare-based spell after another, effectively cleaving off half of my health per hit.

  4. Oh man, this is so awesome. The overall feeling opening this piece is so mellow and harmonic, and although strings and an electric guitar is later added to the arrangement it still manages to keep that feeling, although more dynamic than before. It has just become morning over here, so this remix stes the mood perfectly on the day I have ahead of me.

    I give this remix a perfect score. Not only that it's happy and energic mood makes me feel good, but it also makes me want to hunt down a copy of this game and buy it.

    That's exactly how I feel, right down to wanting to play the game myself. Sadly, I don't really have the money for it and a DS at the moment. =(

  5. I don't think FFXII is the best, but it's in my top 3 favorite FF games (FFVII is still at the top). I didn't like the general lack of direction in the game. I'm always wondering where I'm supposed to go next, and the license board just doesn't seem very creative. Not being able to see spaces on the license board until you've activated the space next to it makes planning ahead pretty hard.

  6. I could only make a 3 GB FAT32 partition though - what gives? Even then, the Ubuntu partition tool wasn't able to install itself. Though, for some reason, now I have this 3.37 GB partition viewable in windows, and it looks like a backup partition [there's things like "RECOVER.BAT"]. I've never seen it until, like, yesterday.

    Hmm, not familiar with that problem. Of course, someone at the Ubuntu forum could probably help you. I've never had trouble getting help at the forums for any of the Linux distributions I've used.

    Seems like hardware issues are coming up a lot in here. The only hardware I've had trouble with on Linux is my wireless card (Broadcom). Ubuntu has a list of wireless cards it's compatible with somewhere on it's site, so I'll have to keep that in mind when I get a new computer. I know I can use ndiswrapper to get the wireless working on my current computer, but I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to use it... Wish I had more time to play with it.

  7. I'd totally just use that, but I only have one NTFS hard drive and I am afraid of partitioning :[

    If you back up anything important, you shouldn't be. Ubuntu walks you through the re-partitioning process. It's pretty easy, actually. The only issue is that if your computer came with Windows already installed, then Windows will already be taking up all of the space on 1 partition. You can try to resize the partition to free up space for the partitions Ubuntu needs, but I had to reformat Windows entirely to set up a new partition for it. I tried to resize the Windows partition, but I couldn't move the data all to one side so I just re-formatted it.

    The only potential issue is sharing files between the two OSes.

    That doesn't seem to be a problem on Ubuntu, though. There's an icon right on the desktop that lets me access my Windows files. I know you can do the same with other Linux distributions, but you have to set it up yourself.

  8. Even if that means I'm stuck with games older than 2007 for the rest of eternity.

    There's nothing wrong with that. I can't get enough of Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge on the Command and Conquer: The First Decade collection. :)

  9. "Arguably the reason OS X is so safe is no one bothers to attack it." you make it sound so bad.

    No one bothers to attack it because it's so safe. OH NOES WE'RE STUCK IN A CIRCLE.

    If Mac became the most-used OS around, then it would have it's fair share of viruses and spyware, too, you know. :/ It's not that no one bothers to hack it because it's so safe, it's because not many people use it yet. Hackers typically make viruses that target the majority of the computer users.

  10. When the time comes for me to buy a new computer, I think I'll get a wireless card that's more compatible with Linux and pretty much just use Linux from then on. I still don't like Macs, anyway. The fact that Vista is actually making Mac look good is something I find pretty funny. XD It's not that I have a problem with Mac's functionality, I just find the interface to be... Awkward at best. Plus, I like being able to right-click. =P

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