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    Began creating electronic music in 2004 on Music 2000 (PSX/PC). Moved onto FL Studio in 2005 and am still using it. I have also tried out Reason and Logic. Logic is probably the best imo.

    To hear what I've done, go to my site Iceferno.com which also links you to my other music profiles.
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    Oxygen breather
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  1. Anyone doing Alien Power? I can't really get anything going with Violent Breathing, so whoever swapped with me can have it back, if they want. Edit: Oh wait, it's just SOR1 tunes, isn't it. What if the project was stretched to the trilogy? It could give people more time and invite more composers to take part.
  2. I haven't got notifications on this recently (prob the forum update). No further progress on my remix unfortunately, but I suppose playing the level might help jog something. I still want to be involved, but I can't operate at the same capacity as others. My methods are more spontaneous/inspiration driven. And I 'screen' a lot of my attempts, as it were.
  3. There's always the option to record from an emulator. Most emulators are able to take Wav recordings of the Rom's audio.
  4. Hey I got what I have of Violent Breathing so far uploaded. I couldn't find the Google Drive link so just put it on WeTransfer.
  5. Ok, so I'm doing Violent Breathing as Brandon was kind enough to swap with me (Fighting In The Street). Thanks again, dude. Really hoping I'll pull this one off as it's the remix I've most wanted to update (last made in 2005) and my favourite song from the series. It's also one of the tracks that got me into making music.
  6. Yurp yurp! Good luck with it, don't let me down! :nicework:

  7. Thanks a lot for switching tracks with me on the SOR album. Really appreciate it and hopefully I can contribute something special to the project. :)

  8. Sorry guys. I think I'm gonna have to bow out again. The only way I can be part of this right now is if you choose one of my existing remixes on YouTube. Keep in mind that they still haven't exactly been heard by many. I'd submit my Wave 131 or Dreamer for here, if I could. But it's having to remix a specific song to a deadline I struggle with. That's why I've never had much luck with OCR albums.
  9. Hmm, you know it might be safer to just use one of my existing remixes. Whenever I try to make something for an OCR album, it just never happens (I was invited to a Zelda project a few years back, but didn't really manage anything). Perhaps you should add that 'Mutant Reconstruction Mix' I did in 2012. I've done some nice ones from the 2nd game. Really proud of my Go Straight, Dreamer and Wave 131 interpretations.
  10. Thanks Garpocalypse for bringing this to my attention. I'm going for Fighting In The Street. I've done versions of it already: (basically, a dub/progressive version of the one above)Hoping to try something more ravey for my 3rd version like (1:01 for reference). FITS is quite tame compared to Go Straight, so I like to toughen it up a bit.
  11. Why? I shouldn't need to make it overly different. That's something I've found with you people. You don't seem to quite get that sometimes people make remixes for fun. Sometimes it is just the same thing in a different style. I did this as a kind of bonus track. The day I made it, I didn't know I would be until about 9pm. Maybe the arrangement's identical, but the style is me. Btw, 1 and a half hours, not 5. 5hrs before I finished it, I didn't know I'd be making it.
  12. A little something I put together last night. It kinda marks a change to my youtube channel (video annotations will explain). Similar kind of style to Star Light Zone (and the reconstruction-remix I did of it).
  13. Did this one as a celebration (it's an insider kind of thing for my remix YT channel). Influcenced by Alphazone et al. Club Mix formula, so you're in for the long haul, if you can handle it.
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