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  1. What's going on for next month? It looks like there will only be about two weeks to submit entries. That's part of the reason why I suggested extending this month's competition until the end of January.
  2. Wow! Great work, Ninja-san. I have an idea for future iterations of this competition (assuming it lasts that long). Since December appears to be such a hectic time for people, why not make it a special month of the competition? Here's what I propose: November's winner chooses the theme for January. There are no new creations for December. Instead, December is used as a time to look back at all of the work for the year. All of the winners and runner-ups of the year would be posted again. Then voting would start to decide which are the best works of the year. You could even divide it up into cat
  3. A while ago, someone collected a ton of fanart for both games and put them in a Photobucket album. There are over five hundred pieces.
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