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  1. What's going on for next month? It looks like there will only be about two weeks to submit entries. That's part of the reason why I suggested extending this month's competition until the end of January.
  2. Wow! Great work, Ninja-san. I have an idea for future iterations of this competition (assuming it lasts that long). Since December appears to be such a hectic time for people, why not make it a special month of the competition? Here's what I propose: November's winner chooses the theme for January. There are no new creations for December. Instead, December is used as a time to look back at all of the work for the year. All of the winners and runner-ups of the year would be posted again. Then voting would start to decide which are the best works of the year. You could even divide it up into categories: best work done by hand (drawing, painting, etc.), best work using a computer, best "non-traditional" work (sculptures, photography, etc.), and best overall. Since this month's competition looks to have a worse turn out than the Warioware competition, I suggest enacting this change immediately. That would mean extending this month's competition through January, and creating a topic to showcase all of this year's entries. Does anybody else like this idea?
  3. A while ago, someone collected a ton of fanart for both games and put them in a Photobucket album. There are over five hundred pieces.