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  1. That would be because Tomoya Ohtani is the actual composer of the song; Lee simply did the vocals, and perhaps an unconfirmed amount of actual music production. A quick look at the credits of the song and a few associated interviews will confirm this. As for the mix itself, I'm very pleased with how it turned out! I love the more subdued acoustic vibe; it contrasts pretty heavily with the strong electronica that was the original song, but not in a bad way. In fact, I'd say the acoustics are more appropriate given the lyrics of the song! Very solid interpretation. Enjoying it loads.
  2. Happy Birthday, djpretzel! You've got some great talent, and I appreciate you sharing it with the world for all these years. Hope your birthday is a blast!
  3. I've never submitted any tracks to OCR. You're thinking of Tweek, I reckon, but it's definitely not me.
  4. Sorry about the delay in validation, I've taken care of that now.
  5. We're redoing the tracks exactly like that, but in a higher quality that doesn't completely blow. I agree--the concept is appropriate, but the execution of that specific page is not. Also, glad to see you're taking an interest, José!
  6. The FMV has been brought up numerous times. Ultimately, it's not really fitting in with the project's focus; however, we are working on a hand-drawn, animated version of the ending which may turn out much better. It's just an idea at the moment, but it's certainly a possibility.
  7. If the engine is a direct port like we're planning, then yes, any bugs will still remain unless we explicitly fix them. =P Also, Psychog13 isn't very good at reading topics.
  8. I can't speak for the inclusion of Hidden Palace Zone, but I can speak for the inclusion of the song as it was clearly available to play within the sound test. Not putting the song in there would be a bit silly, now wouldn't it?
  9. I honestly have no idea. I think racketboy linked to that page with the bad soundtrack in his haste to spread the word, resulting in us getting dugg and on Kotaku all within 3 days, despite the project not even being done yet (or even relatively close). And, of course, since everybody blogged out the racketboy article, allllll of the inaccuracy came with it. If it's caused such a huge misunderstanding here, I can't imagine how much worse it can be other places. I've asked racketboy multiple times to review the post he made, but he has not. This is getting irritating.
  10. Wait, is that what the complaints were about? Because I didn't do any of those. XD You want the forum topic that just64helpin posted earlier. I wouldn't even think of playing a game with the tracks on that above linked page, ugh.
  11. Yeah... no. I'm saying if he isn't willing to give any actual constructive feedback, compared to just saying "LOL YOUR MUSIC SUCKS BASED ON PRINCIPLE," and is also refusing to provide any example whatsoever of what he would consider ideal (nor making any sort of convincing argument as to why it would be more beneficial to the project), then his opinion is absolutely worthless and he needs to stop making a complete prick of himself.I'm not being "angsty" for defending mine and others' work. If I insulted your work based solely on some sort of arbitrary principle, you would laugh me off for being some stupid newbie; why should I accept the same treatment in stride? Okay, now this is much more reasonable. I don't consider myself the most seasoned mixer, nor do I have complicated music equipment--I'm simply trying to work with what I can. Any suggestions as to how I can make things better based on what I've provided? (Also note that, given the current trend of things, my work will likely be surpassed; still, I don't turn down constructive feedback )
  12. Then I invite you to do everything, and do it better; do it in a way that follows the original without adding ridiculous arbitrary solos and melodic variations. Make it sound absolutely fabulous, so you can back up your ridiculous ego. Unless you're willing to do that, kindly shut the fuck up.
  13. Oh, cry more. Just because our goal is to be true to the original and not completely change how the music sounds does not mean our music is automatically "horrible" for being "MIDI rips." You know, if you had extensively read the topic at all, you'd probably know that. I mean, for fucks sake. Half the Sonic remixes on the site wouldn't fit a Sonic game well without heavy modification. That's why I'm glad that people like DarkeSword can understand this and modify an existing remix of his to fit the game well without completely destroying the original arrangement. I like Dream Pipe because it keeps the original song intact whilst also adding a personal touch. That's what I prefer in this project--changes that aren't too drastic. Everybody thinks you need to completely re-arrange every bit of music you make that's based off an existing tune for it to not suck; did Jun Senoue's music in Sonic Adventure suck because he used a "MIDI rip" of his existing Sonic 3D Blast music for the Windy Valley and Twinkle Circuit music? It's that kind of elitist bullshit that really puts me off from participating in this community more, because I'd certainly like to.
  14. I'm so glad it didn't go unnoticed, as it usually is on the original. One more to go! Scrap Brain, from the Game Gear version of Sonic 1. First thing I head when I played that song.
  15. Feedback: Sex. Opinion: Sex. Final grade: I came. Fucking awesome job, you guys! It took ages, but you really pulled through! =)
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