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  1. I'm right there with the above post. I, too, used to enter brambles levels just to listen. This mix is, so far, my favorite on the site. Granted, I'm predisposed to love this song, as it haunted my childhood. I could never get it out of my head! This mix is perfect. A -wonderful- adaptation of the original.
  2. The sounds are great. The atmosphere it creates is very relaxing, and the sound is altogether cohesive. Now, I'm a newbie here and I'm still not too sure what's going on with the technical jargon I hear, but whatever happens with the panning and synths and pads and [insert terms here] is beyond me. All that I can say is it sounds great; but I have one minor gripe. The fact that the er... The warpy sound in the beginning. You know. The fact that one of its repititions is cut off irks me big time. For me, it creates something of a void in an otherwise very full, rich, alive piece. I'm always exp
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