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  1. When I first listened to this song on the Chrono Symphonic soundtrack, I stopped letting it go on, and listened to the song at least 15 times before letting it move on to number 4 of the tracks, and who can blame me? The bells in this piece really give it a light mood, which fits, as it's set over the Guardia Fair, though it doesn't feel much like a "carnival", as Bummerdude put it. The crescendo in the strings at the beginning really lifts you, and throughout the song, they gave me slight chills. I very much liked the suspended symbol that rolled ever so lightly during the mild section changes. This is defenitely my favourite remix from Chrono Trigger, and in my top five overall.
  2. I was utterly amazed when I heard this peace. I am a huge lover of Star Ocean, mainly the Second Story. It gives me great joy to hear Rena's theme in all it's wonderful glory. This is done so beautifully, I litteraly got intense chills listening to it, as many other listeners did. The piano in the middle was especially captivating. This song took me into the skies and brought me down again when it ended. Excellent work, Dale...
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