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  1. okay i love electronica/club/tekno and have over 30 pro artists and yet this is one of the most listened too. The the synthetic and piano work is extremley well done (who ever did the piano what grade??). I also love the build up from 1:21 to 1:48. I have a friend who wishes to make a flash based on this song (i think its fr a fight scene) is there anywhere i can post it when he makes it..? BlueHook
  2. ok ill admit its worth a chuckle:D but comon, i mean some artists spend hours creating mixes then somthing like this comes up.... Kind of slack to other artists But still funny! BlueHook
  3. This is a classic tune that has been well remixed. its nice to see that you have kept with the feel of actual intstruments instead of creating just a techno remix. The guitar is extremely well done (is That Live?) the saxephone has been commented lot but is just IS well done. all up this is really really good!''
  4. Hey i would be new not really to this site but using the site for things other then music is a little new and is ffmusic DJ a mixer or spinner of Music (sos about my thread i waz curious how come u guyz were so hostile far out...)
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