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  1. I WANT to like this, it's sonically AMAZING (did you sue Plugsound?), it's just it's also a tad too crowded and theres too many ideas going on in the song. Itnever strikes me as a coherent arrangement when I hear it. I still sort of like it though, maybe it just needs to grow on me. I agree with the former poster that you need to make a version that is completely laid-back liek the intro, I'd also like to hear one that is just the chiptune and the breaks. Overall, 3/5. *** Oh and another thing, while I agree the drums are too quiet, why the hell does anyone care if it's a loop? IT'S THE FREAKI
  2. This is the kind of stuff my parents listen to, man... 0_0. I mean, it's like those hippie songs that go nowhere. It could use drums and an electric guitar, maybe even an acid bassline, but it was produced very good and the vocals don't suck. Good job.
  3. Whoohoo! Instrumental version! This version pWNS! I'm sorry, I just REALLY don't like the vocals. I don't really know what it is about them that I hate, I think it would be the lyrics if anything...but I just don't like them. It's also mainly the male vocals, as the female vocals are awesome. (Is it just me, or does she sound like the chick in that song at the end of the original MGS?) But the music is KICKASS. Very well-done sequencing, and AWESOME guitar. Vocal mix: 6/10 Instrumental mix: 9/10 Keep up the good work, guys!
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