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  1. http://soundcloud.com/fli/power-fighter-remix or I guess I could upload it now since it doesn't matter for submissions
  2. I submitted it to OCR, if it doesn't pass then sure

  3. I didn't want to fill up your PM box any more so I forgot to mention to ignore the random vocal samples in what I sent you, the only ones I'm even considering keeping are the last two right before the breakdown and even then not likely.

  4. Your wish, my command, etc.

  5. Good work on my Treetops mix, has my approval.

  6. I would definitely be interested in a Dubstep collabo, main problem though is that I've since migrated to the greener territories of Ableton Live, although if needed be I could probably dust off (re-download) a copy of FL.

  7. Well I'm loving your recent output for what its worth, especially the SF remix. Keep it up.

  8. How in the Sam Hill have you not had a posted ReMix yet?

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