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  1. I've heard rap with dubstep before, but some of the lyrics here don't work for me. They're just trying too hard, I guess. Can't do Sonic like this without sounding silly. One good thing I could say is that the flow keeps up with the beat well. Also, the different Sonic themes could be blended a bit better. Just a middle-of-the-road ReMix for me.
  2. But JQuery is built on top of Javascript So it wouldn't work either if JS is disabled.
  3. Good old HD 201's they never let me down in the 6+ years I had them. But after switching to Technics RP-DJ 1200's it's hard to go back
  4. This is something I've been pondering about for a while. Maybe only since I've been visiting this place for 10 years now. If you look at the Internet Archives for the Mission Statement page in 2005, first if you're relatively new here you first might be surprised that this website didn't look too different back then. But to get to the important matter at hand, let's look at what it says on the page. The first two bullet points say: I take the first point to mean: "let's show non-gamers that game music isn't all soul-less fluff". I'm sure non-gamers are still in the minority of visitors, and now that OCR has spread to YouTube and other social media it seems like it's dropped the notion and just focuses on promoting to fellow gamers. I don't think it's a bad move at all but just an observation I made in regards to the original mission statement. The second point seems now more irrelevant to gamers today since retro gaming has made somewhat of a comeback, and I hear it also in more ReMixes integrating chiptune elements. And in relation to the first point there are more video gamers than ever before, so it's not really a bad thing anyways. So is this simply a coming of age for the site? I feel the focus did change since these points have been dropped from the mission statement altogether and are probably even going out of date, as video games are an even bigger part of culture for newer generations.
  5. What if another forum says they removed one of my posts because I linked to a YouTube mirror of a OC Remix song instead of the official one? Should I call those moderators mean poo-poo heads?
  6. I had this one on my SoundCloud for a while, but I'm finally making it downloadable. This is a mostly groove focused remix, with some sampling of the original music around the middle section. Just really some beats to bounce to. Remix - https://soundcloud.com/ccricers/lost-n-found-beats-rayman-origins-remix Original -
  7. Wow, just incredible. I could imagine that at one point this was planned to be Remix #3k.
  8. Shit reminds me of Rayman Origins, especially when you're chasing the tricky treasures. (I guess it's also true in a sense you're chasing something in Mario 64) It's crazy, off the wall and swarming with magic robots. Too bad it had to end sometime.
  9. That is pretty nice. You hardly see anyone perform with that instrument.
  10. I got a bug to report here. When submitting my file to the J-man, I received feedback about having a bad Vampire Killer remix. While the file did start with the letter "V", it was not in fact Vampire Killer, but Virmire Assault. Looks like it confused my Virmire with a Vampire and reacted to the "assault" keyword the wrong way confusing it with "killer". This could be bad, yo. Bots have reacted to fake news tweets all the time and it usually does not go well, like crashing the stock markets.
  11. Nice groove piece, I find the drums sounding tight most of the time, although too exposed in some sections. For me, I actually like those pitched up kick, as a mellower intro. Actually reminds me of . I think the biggest drawback here is not using the source material enough. I hear the notes when you use it, but most of the time it is drowned out by the high-pitched pad, or the notes themselves have too much reverb and a quiet attack, so it doesn't come as pronounced. You have a long section between 3:11 and 4:40 of just the drums and original bass writing and it waters down the track.
  12. I also heard this one a while back on Soundcloud. This is a pretty uplifting mix, and it builds up pretty nicely without getting too intense with the glitching. Timaeus222, you gotta give me pointers on how you get mixes direct posted on the site, because you are 2 for 2 now!
  13. Very chill vibe here, I really like the piano and percussion gives the source music a new feel. Seems like Mario is just sipping some coffee and reading the newspaper at a Wall Street cafe. But that fadeout ending leaves you wanting more. It could have wrapped up some other way when the energy was just starting to build up.
  14. The trance remix is getting a lot of attention already so I'll give this one a shot. I really like the style and feel you have going on here, it's a lot like the DnB that I've been getting into lately. That triplet arpeggio goes well with the beat. The first break could use improvement but I will add another reason as well. It could use more tension and release. It sounds cliche but a "riser" instrument would help, or some ambient buildup on the high end. There is some nice interplay with the instruments playing at the first drop. I personally feel the square and brassy synth are good choices. It has a lot of energy while leaving enough space in between the notes. But they sometimes run into each other, where the square's long notes sound "sucked in" with the brass playing over it. More dynamics in the brass would help separate both instruments more. At 2:33 the second break comes in abruptly. There's not much of a transition to carry it over. I like the low pass on the drums here. Back into the heavy action at 2:55. It has more going on this time with the backing harmony filling up more of the soundscape. The bell sound comes in more clearly, better than it was with the square lead before. Then there's another sudden break at 3:40. Rozovian's gripe with the arrangement might be due to the fact that the different sections are not joined very well together. (also I just came to realize you use that same synth arp to bring in the drops) You certainly know how to mix up the dynamics so that boredom doesn't set in, but the transitions between sections need work.
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